That Gleaner from Sapri is a sexist slap

That Gleaner from Sapri is a sexist slap
That Gleaner from Sapri is a sexist slap

I must say that when I saw the photo of the unveiling I was amazed to say the least.

Now, for those who do not know and therefore do not confuse the term “gleaner” with one of the many ways of defining a much better known female profession, the gleaner was a worker in the fields.

Well, the new statue (because there was already another one much more in keeping with its history and its role) shows itself in a skimpy, transparent dress and with a provocative and lascivious attitude suggesting to look at her beautiful ass on display, round and perfect, in case anyone hadn’t noticed.

Obviously after sitting, my eye ended on the participants: there were those who seemed almost embarrassed, at least I hope … those who seemed to be kidnapped by the marble curves of the statue (and you can’t blame them) … and those with their hand on his chest he could draw a feeling of patriotism from that image.

But does it seem normal to portray a farm worker in that way?

I remember yesterday was September 25, 2021.

Yes, in 2021 we are still like this, we inaugurate things of this kind that are a sexist slap in the face of all women, especially those who every day try to fight that sneaky machismo that creeps into every corner of daily life, especially in our country that boasts record of mistreatment and femicides, also the result of a vision of women still as an object to be possessed.

And the best part is that someone said that that statue will attract more tourists to Sapri …

Unfortunately it is likely and it reminds me of when a Ugandan minister a few years ago campaigned for tourism with placards depicting busty Ugandan women.

In short, horrified by that statue and its inauguration, I would suggest knocking it down.

It would be a sign of awareness of the gravity of certain facts and to remedy them.

To err is human, to persevere is diabolical.

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