“The no vaxes have gone from 2 to 15 percent. I tell you who is to blame” – Libero Quotidiano

Matteo Bassetti attacks those parties that have blown up the movement no vax in Italia. “They were 2 per cent and thanks to the populist parties they have become 15 per cent”, thunders the full professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Genoa and head physician at San Martino. Bassetti in an interview with The print. And he lashes out against “the political responsibilities that are holding back the vaccination campaign”.

“Some parties blow the no nax fire, while politics should remain united on vaccines”, adds Bassetti. That does not explain the reason why Brothers of Italy and Lega instead of running to lead the country, they smooth the hair of the no vax: “I often ask myself this and I think it is a historical mistake. As a liberal who grew up reading Montanelli, I don’t find them mature, even if the latest release by Trizzino, a former Cinquestelle doctor, and the far left are worrying. “

Bassetti refers to the request that virologists be authorized by their health companies before speaking on television or with the newspapers: “University professors have among their duties teaching, research and dissemination. It’s just the last wink to no vax, who now write to me ‘See, they shut your mouth’. A fall of style, I am waiting for a word from the government. ”

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