Italian Cup of Excellence, Armando Picchi-Us Livorno live. Live

Italian Cup of Excellence, Armando Picchi-Us Livorno live. Live
Italian Cup of Excellence, Armando Picchi-Us Livorno live. Live

Official debut for the Livorno by Francesco Buglio. The amaranths, forced to leave fromExcellence, will face theArmando Picchi in an all-Livorno derby in the match valid for the first day of the triangular of Italian Cup (kick off at 20.30 at the Picchi stadium). A lot of waiting for the fans to see Bellazzini and his companions at work, called to a season as protagonists with the clear goal of winning promotion. LivornoToday, as usual, the challenge will follow live with constant updates for those who will not be present in the stands of Ardenza.

Armando Picchi-Us Livorno 1-2. LIVE

28′ Cross of Ferretti! The number 9 hits the wood with a header on the developments of a corner

27′ Miracle of Malasoma on Friars! Livorno one step away from the trio

26′ Livorno again! Frati sends high in turn on Giuliani’s precise cross

24 & # 39; The amaranths, after a complicated start, took over the match

23′ GOAL OF LIVORNOOOOOO! Ferretti takes advantage of a delicious deep throw from Gargiulo and beats Malasoma in the turn

20 & # 39; Apolloni’s blow on Bellazzini’s invitation, shot by Picchi’s rearguard

17 ‘The goal galvanized the amaranths, who now continue to press

16′ GOAL OF LIVORNOOOOOOO! Frati beats Malasoma with a precise header on the development of a corner

15 ‘Conclusion of Bellazzini from distance, ball deflected for a corner

14 ‘Ferretti looks for Bellazzini inside the area: the ball is too long

12 & # 39; The amaranth curve makes itself felt, trying to push Buglio’s men to the equalizer

10 ‘Now the amaranths try to raise their center of gravity

7 ‘Point of play still in the hands of Picchi, not an easy start for Milianti and his companions

5 ‘Match approached very well by the formation of Sena, who does not give Livorno breathing space so far

3′ GOAL OF PICCHI: Neri beats Fontanelli on the development of a free kick

2 ‘High pressing in this start of Armando Picchi

1 ‘The match has started

– Welcome to the direct text of Armando Picchi-Us Livorno, valid for the first day of the triangular of the Italian Cup of Excellence.

Armando Picchi-Us Livorno, the official formations

Armando Picchi (4-3-3): Malasoma; Bani Al., Borboryo, Petri, Del Bravo; Quilici, Bellandi, Pini; Neri, Lenzi, Arrighi. Available: Silvestri, Castagnoli, Bani An., D’Angelo, Bartorelli, Grossi, Giusti, Campo, Bonsignori. All .: Sena
Livorno (4-3-1-2): Fontanelli; Franzoni, Milianti, Palmiero, Giuliani; Pulina, Gargiulo, Apolloni; Bellazzini; Frati, Ferretti. Available: Pulidori, Ghinassi, Giampà, Fontana, Gelsi, Pecchia, Nunzi, Durante, Mazzoni. All .: Buglio
Referee: Fiorillo of Lucca
Networks: 3 ‘Neri, 16’ Frati, 23 ‘Ferretti
Note: angles 1-3

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