Oudha and Arnaudo, who show on 5000 meters at the Athletic Elite meeting in Milan

Men’s and women’s middle distance runners on the shields in the eighth edition of the “Athletic Elite” meeting held at the Arena in Milan. Here are the results

Men’s and women’s middle-distance runners on the shields in the eighth edition of the meeting “Athletic Elite” organized by Alessio Conti at the Milan Arena. The two key races that closed the event, the 5000 men and women by invitation, gave a great competitive show and excellent timekeeping performances.

5000 women. Race launched at good pace by Federica Baldini and then from Michel Mayor with steps of 3.10, 6.18, 9.27 for the first three km. Then they set out to sea Anna Arnaudo and Rebecca Lonedo, as it came off Sara Galimberti. The two treads then pass in 12.36 to 4000 meters with the Galimberti in 12.45. It was then there Arnaudo a place the winning hit at 300 meters from the finish line, winning in 15.39.02, the second Italian time of 2021, in front of the Lonedo who with 15.42.02 made the third Italian seasonal time trial. Third place for Sara Galimberti with 16.00.69. Second time of his career and sixth Italian time trial of the year.

5000 men. The men’s race was also very exciting until the end. Here, too, the work of the two hares is excellent Andrea Albanesi and Riccardo Tamassia with passages of 2.46, 5.32, 8.22 for the first 3 km. Then we witnessed a couple escape Ahmed Ouhda e Baad Jafari two athletes of Moroccan origin both registered for the Casone Noceto. The two club mates came to have an advantage of 30/40 meters at the height of the fourth kilometer. Behind them, however, the opponents did not give up. Throbbing final. Oudha he managed to resist and win in 13.54.75. Behind him a great comeback by Leo Paglione 13.56.76 e Samuel Medolago 13.57.35 which exceeded with momentum Baad Jafari 13.57.82. Big improvement also for Giovanni Gatto fifth in 13.58.75 ahead of Stefano Massimi 13.59.80. For the first five all personal bests. With the lights off, with six athletes under 14 minutes, it can be said that the 5000’s Athletic Elite sia it was the best Italian race of 2021 over this distance.

1000 meters. The two 1000-meter races are also of a good level. Among women Eleonora Vandi with 2.44.59 he beat in the sprint Serena Troiani 2.45.26. Between the males, a nice duel between two training partners like Matteo Geninazza which was imposed in 2.27.93 on Zahir Zohair 2.28.81.

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Oudha Arnaudo show meters Athletic Elite meeting Milan

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