The last own goal by Mattia Santori. Where they peck the sardine, other than a spiritual-electoral retreat – Il Tempo

The descent into the field of Mattia Santori, the leader of the sardines who first lashed the left and then ended up on board, candidate for the municipal of Bologna in the ranks of the Democratic Party, was a via crucis of gaffe. From lunar proposals such as stadiums for Frisbee to overtaking by motion in the wrong direction to denounce city traffic … The latest exit from the sardine is sensational.

Santori had in fact announced that while awaiting the vote on Sunday 3 and Monday 4 October he would live in the Hermitage of Ronzano, on the Bolognese hills. In short, a mystical ascesis in solitude, or rather a sort of spiritual-electoral retreat. “Yesterday I moved to the Eremo di Ronzano, which will be my home until 4 October. I am grateful to Father Benito Fusco and Father Pietro for opening the doors to me of a magical place overlooking Bologna, which welcomes 38 asylum seekers, two associations, a cooperative, educators and travelers among the oaks, vineyards and evergreens. They call it ‘hermitage’ but it is a great little cosmopolitan Babel ”he announced.

“I don’t want to become like those politicians who use big words without having the slightest idea of ​​how they apply in everyday life. Here I am the latest, nobody gives a damn about who I am or how many times I’ve been on TV”, the social pistolotto of Santori. Yet a few days ago the sardine was immortalized in front of the Porto-Zaragoza middle schools while distributing flyers. Other than a hermit …

The exception to the rule (chew?) Has not been isolated. Yesterday Santori organized a hide-and-seek for children – but above all for parents in possession of an electoral card … – in the center of Bologna, in Piazza Minghetti.

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