He dies in Mestre from Covid despite the two doses and the Green Pass

He dies in Mestre from Covid despite the two doses and the Green Pass
He dies in Mestre from Covid despite the two doses and the Green Pass

These are the stories of Covid that must be faced with great caution.
These are the stories that tell how great progress has been made on the virus thanks to vaccination, but also that the rules are not an exact science that always gives a mathematical result. In this field the exceptions say that one plus one may not make two.
Today’s story tells of a man who died at the Ospedale dell’Angelo in Mestre for Covid who also received the two doses of vaccine and the holder of a regular Green Pass.
It is a 70-year-old man, retired, on whom – probably – the two doses of the vaccine did not “work”.

Cases are known in the literature in which subjects, even if vaccinated, do not develop antibodies.
This, in a nutshell, could be what happened to the poor 70-year-old.
Then, the virus. the development of the disease, its entire course, and finally death from Sars-Cov pneumonia 19.
The case will also deserve to be investigated for another aspect.
The son who unknowingly brought the virus home was the son returning from a trip, but he too had been vaccinated with the two doses with the same product as the father. Also in possession of a regular Green Pass.
The son has unfortunately infected his father and mother.
The woman developed the disease in a mild form, while her husband required hospitalization immediately, in the intensive care unit, although he did not suffer from concomitant diseases.

The son then recovered from the pneumonia developed in turn, while for the pensioner there was nothing to do: the death unfortunately occurred within a few days.
There are no ‘dark spots’ in the story, apart from the events themselves that will need to be investigated.
The mourning that has struck a family that has always respected the rules that were suggested, requires it.

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Woman died after 4 vaccines, children: “Nothing asked of us”, the hospital: “There is informed consent”

The San Matteo Polyclinic Hospital in a repertory image.

Woman who died after 4 vaccines: the investigation on the elderly woman in Pavia starts from two diametrically opposed points.
That of the children, who confirm that they have been kept in the dark about the affair, and that of the health facilities, which confirm that everything took place according to the established protocols.
Certainly there is, in any case, that the poor woman had suffered the first two doses of the vaccine and soon after he had had a stroke.
The stroke had forced the lady to a long hospitalization during which – confirm the children – she was vaccinated two more times.
“We were not informed of the second Covid vaccination carried out on our mother while she was hospitalized at the Maugeri Institute for rehabilitation after stroke. If they had warned us before we would have blocked them, since the mother had already received the vaccine ”.
This is the declaration of one of the two children of the 81-year-old woman who died Wednesday in the neuro-rehabilitation department of the Pavia hospital, where she had been hospitalized since April after the stroke.
The prosecutor is now investigating the fact, after the complaint presented to the carabinieri.
“A complaint against unknown persons – he specifies the lawyer Fabrizio Gnocchi, family lawyer -. We want to clarify the causes of the lady’s death and to clarify whether there may be a causal link on the overdose of vaccines and the worsening of the woman’s health conditions ”.

The deputy prosecutor Valeria Biscottini, who conducts the investigation into the case, has ordered that an autopsy be carried out, which will be performed on Monday 2 August at 8.30 at the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Pavia.
“We discovered by chance that our mother had been vaccinated again – explains the son – by finding a card in the bedside table near my mother’s bed in the hospital”.
The lady, who lives in the municipality near the capital and who until a few months ago was in good health, as her children tell, was vaccinated against Covid in March with two doses of Pfizer: the first on March 4th and the second on March 25th.

The April 2 she had a stroke: she was admitted to the stroke-unit of the Policlinico San Matteo and after a few days transferred to the Maugeri Institute for rehabilitation.
“Initially it seemed that there were no problems – continues the son -. The recovery path seemed to be proceeding in the best way. Unfortunately, we could not visit her in hospital due to the restrictions due to the pandemic ”.

In June the situation became complicated: “first they told us it was there an infection, then that Mom had contracted pneumonia. But the doctors always tried to reassure us, guaranteeing that she would be back home by the end of July ”.

A few days ago, however, the situation worsened irreversibly. “At that point we were finally able to go to the ward: unfortunately, the mother was in a vegetative state. And next to his bed we found the sheet in which they are indicated the two doses of Moderna received on May 26 and July 5. They must explain to us why no one thought to call us before vaccinating her ”.

The Maugeri Institute has released a note on the affair: “With regard to the news of the death of an 81-year-old patient at our Institute in Pavia – reads the press release -, we specify that the lady, coming from the Irccs Policlinico S. Matteo, hospitalized for post-stroke rehabilitation on 8 April 2021 , was vaccinated in accordance with the protocols provided for frail patients in hospitalization. From the preparatory form for the transfer between the patient’s health facilities filled in by the Irccs Policlinico S. Matteo at 13:51 on 6 April 2021, and from the letter of resignation from the same structure, the lady was ‘not vaccinated Covid’ “. “The staff, during the medical history – concludes ICS Maugeri in the note -, however, asked if the patient had been vaccinated against Covid, and proceeded to sign the informed consent. Obviously, all the staff of the Irccs Maugeri of Pavia, with the supporting documentation, are at the disposal of the judicial authorities ”.

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“Third dose for healthcare professionals, the elderly and immunocompromised”

Third dose of the vaccine at the start for healthcare professionals, the elderly and the immunocompromised.

The third dose of the vaccine is about to leave for healthcare professionals, the elderly and the immunocompromised. The confirmation has just arrived directly from the Commissioner for the Covid emergency Figliuolo.
“We will start with the third dose in September for the immunocompromised, an audience of three million people, then afterwards we will go to the elderly and health professionals and then we’ll see”.
These are the words of the Commissioner for the Covid emergency Figliuolo visiting the Rieti ASL vaccination hub at the Amazon plant in Passo Corese.

The Commissioner also said: “There is concern about that one million 800 thousand citizens between the ages of 50 and 59 not yet vaccinated and even if we have reached 82% of the first inoculations this may not be enough”.
The goal of 80% of immunized people in Italy has therefore been reached, but now it may not be enough anymore.
“My appeal is to these people even if there has been a resumption of the vaccination campaign in recent days with over 10 thousand first inoculations per day for this age group,” said Commissioner Figliuolo on a visit to the vaccination hub.

This morning, the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi in the Chamber had said: “I believe the way is salivary tests, they must be extended beyond the ‘sentinel schools’ but I do not intervene: it is the matter of Commissioner Figliuolo, I always thank him and I do not allow myself to intervene “.

“If there is a need for quarantine it concerns the single institution, it is no longer possible to extend this condition to the whole region or to the municipality. We will isolate the cluster, we will see its severity, we will limit it; on quarantines we hear the opinion of the CTS and the health authorities but the school must remain open, this is my position, avoiding situations of widespread contagion “.

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