Leclerc does not rest, Sainz in seventh heaven

Box of the Ferrari split in two after the Russian Grand Prix: Carlos Sainz rejoices for the excellent third place, while Charles Leclerc does not hide his big disappointment for how things have turned out a Sochi.

“I got off to a good start, that was the priority – explained the Spaniard, al third podium with the Maranello team -. I didn’t want to lose positions, I succeeded and then I even passed in front, taking a great trail from Lando ”.

“Then unfortunately I got graining and from there the race got bad. I started to suffer. We came back early on hard. The rain came at the worst time, because I was running out of hard tires. However, we returned at the right time and we managed to recover the third place. Overall, ours was a very positive race ”.

The Sochi race took place instead reversed negatively in the final for Charles Leclerc, who a few laps from the end had targeted the podium, but then he has tire replacement too late, eventually finishing in fifteenth place.

“I didn’t want to put messes in the same round with the entrance of Sainz, the next ride was too late because the water had come very strong and it was too late … I can’t see anything positive, today unfortunately I’m not happy. The new power unit it is certainly positive for the team, but after such a race I ended up behind. Bravo Carlos, he finished in front of McLaren and is good, but for me I don’t see anything positive “, the words of the disconsolate Monegasque.

OMNISPORT | 26-09-2021 16:45


Leclerc rest Sainz seventh heaven

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