Ex policewoman killed, the investigators hypothesis: Laura Ziliani suffocated in her sleep

Ex policewoman killed, the investigators hypothesis: Laura Ziliani suffocated in her sleep
Ex policewoman killed, the investigators hypothesis: Laura Ziliani suffocated in her sleep

Laura Ziliani would have been stunned by drugs, but not killed by the benzodiazepine compound found in her body: investigators are convinced that the ex-vigilante from Brescia was suffocated with a pillow while she was sleeping under the effect of anxiolytics “potentially capable of compromising the ability to defence”. Meanwhile, the guarantee interrogations of Mirto Milani, Silvia and Paola Zani, arrested last Friday on suspicion of killing the girls’ mother, have been scheduled for Tuesday. Bresciaoggi and the Brescia edition of Corriere della Sera report it.

The interrogations and investigations

The three suspects will appear before the investigating judge Alessandra Sabatucci, who signed the precautionary detention order at the request of the prosecutor Caty Bressanelli. At the moment the girls are in the Brescia prison of Verziano, while Mirto is in the other prison in Brescia, Canton Mombello. In the meantime, investigators will have to evaluate which elements on the corpse, 140 days after death, can still be found to support the thesis of non-violent suffocation.

The wiretapping, Mirto: “He spent more than he took”

“I’ve been thinking about it lately that maybe he has diverted money over time to another current account and is now living the good life somewhere”, said Mirto talking about Laura 23 days after her disappearance. Mirto was intercepted on May 31 while talking with a friend, as reported by some newspapers. “In the end I loved her very much and she was a very good person and loved her daughters very much,” said Mirto Milani. “The situation was disastrous. She spent more than she took. Let’s say – he added – that a mischievous and conspiratorial person of course, could also think that it is all a plot because the situation was too serious”.

Recorded 38 steps on the cell phone of the former policewoman

The pedometer application of Laura Ziliani’s mobile phone recorded 38 steps. A technological test that joins the suspects on the mobile phones of the three, delivered to the police only after they have been reset. In the story told by Mirto, Paola and Silvia that morning Laura would have got up early, would have had breakfast in Temù’s house, tinkering with the mobile phone and then would have gone down to the cellar for a moment before going out to take a walk and never come back. His smartphone, found under a bench in the cellar, at a point where the device does not take, however, told a different story to the consultant who examined it. The 38 steps were recorded between 8 and 8.20, when Laura, according to the story, had already gone out without a mobile phone while there are no movements between 6.30 and 7, when they say she got up and had breakfast just by checking the smartphone. And then there is geolocation, which occurs if there is an internet connection and which the phone continued to record until 9.57. And all this “has disavowed – reads the ordinance – what was declared” by the arrested “about the movements of the woman who disappeared on the morning of 8 May”.

The cell phones of the three arrested

Then there are the mobile phones of the three arrested. When the smart phone seizure deed was served in June, they gave three new phones explaining that they had sold the previous ones to a Moroccan at the station because they needed the money. But then in July, accompanied by their defender, they delivered the original phones, albeit reset “to factory settings”. Silvia explained that it was because she was “ashamed of the idea that other people could see photos and learn about my private life and sexual practices with my boyfriend Mirto Milani. I was also ashamed to hear that I had signed up for a swingers site “. And Paola said she didn’t want “other people to learn that I’m having an affair with my sister’s boyfriend, Mirto”.

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