Udinese – Fiorentina / Coach Luca Gotti’s words after the match

Udinese – Fiorentina / Coach Luca Gotti’s words after the match
Udinese – Fiorentina / Coach Luca Gotti’s words after the match

After the match against Fiorentina, mister Luca Gotti is in the mixed zone where he analyzed the performance of his boys

Third consecutive defeat for the Udinese. Dusan Vlahovic’s penalty was decisive. There is some regret because the Friulians played an excellent second half. However, in the first 45 minutes they had to be more daring. In the post-match, mister Luca Gotti commented on the performance of his boys. Here’s what he said.

Luca Gotti initially spoke on Udinese TV’s microphones. ” It was a match with excellent Serie A contents from a technical, tactical and competitive point of view. This game was not to be decided by an episode that to say doubt is to pay a compliment. In the first half we struggled with how we had prepared the game and how Fiorentina were on the pitch. At the end of the first half I tried to make the players’ tasks easier by adding other features. Then that last chance that passes half a meter from the door … We are also unlucky. In my opinion, in certain moments of the match, we have the flexibility to change things, but everything is turning badly. ”

Mister Luca Gotti also spoke about the penalty granted to the Viola, but not only that. ” I think Udines this year has more solutions from both an energy and a technical point of view. The biggest regret is losing with such a penalty. The match was addressed by a penalty. I never look for controversy, but in my opinion it is absurd to give that kind of penalty. It is a very similar episode to the one against Napoli, but there the penalty was not whistled. Either it is always a foul or it is never a foul. We are in the sixth game and it was decided by such an episode. I am not calm. Today and against Roma, the team raised its head after the ugly 4-0. In the meantime, the Udinese report cards have come out. Here are the votes. There are many surprises <<<

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Udinese Fiorentina Coach Luca Gottis words match

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