According to the first exit polls of the elections in Germany, the center-right and center-left are practically equal

According to the first exit polls published on Sunday immediately after the closing of polling stations in Germany, the two main parties, the Social Democratic Party (SPD, center-left) and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU, center-right), would be in parity or in any case much closer than expected by polls until a few days ago. On Sunday the Germans voted for the renewal of the parliament, and consequently to decide who will become the next German chancellor in the place of Angela Merkel.

The exit polls must be taken with great caution: they are the result of polls made directly at the polls, with small samples and which only give an indicative idea of ​​what the final result will be.

According to the exit polls published by Infratest Dimap, both parties would have 25 per cent of the consensus, while according to other polls published by the ZDF broadcaster the SPD would have a slight advantage: 26 per cent against 24. Until a few days ago, the polls showed a gap of several points in favor of the SPD, whose candidate, Olaf Scholz, had appeared more solid than his center-right opponent, Armin Laschet.

Among the other parties, according to Infratest, the Greens would have obtained 15 percent of the consensus while the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) and the nationalists of Alternative for Germany would be 11 percent each.

If the parity between SPD and CDU were to be confirmed by the definitive results (which could arrive in a few days), it could be very difficult to create a governing coalition. Both the Greens and the FDP, in fact, during the electoral campaign did not exclude the possibility of joining a coalition both with the center-right and with the center-left, and this will make negotiations extremely difficult.

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