“My wife Francesca is sick”

“My wife Francesca is sick”
“My wife Francesca is sick”

Claudio Amendola bursts into tears at Verissimo, confessing the illness of his wife Francesca Neri. «He doesn’t have a clear disease – the Roman actor told Silvia Toffanin – but he has a hard time living his days. He has tremendous physical pain. Even in illness, seek the strength to be well. He talked about it in his book which he will soon present. I read it and cried a lot. He has great intelligence and courage. The story he tells of his last years of life is courageous. Being next to her was my job, it wasn’t difficult. It was more difficult for her. I’ve been with Francesca for twenty years, love improves. It cleanses itself of many waste, such as jealousy. It no longer makes sense. Now if someone woos Francesca (from a distance) I am pleased, because it means that I am lucky. You learn to accept defects ».

Claudio Amendola attacks the No vax: “Those who refuse to get the vaccine are ignorant”

Christmas, Claudio Amendola: «I can’t stand the dinner anymore. Do you live in four? And there are four of you. Stay at home “

Amendola recalled the illness of her father Ferruccio: “When he got sick, it was sad to see him tired even with his cards in his hand. By the time the disease got worse, I hoped those weeks would pass as soon as possible. But when you have a dad like that, you find him every day in his works ».


wife Francesca sick

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