Municipal elections Milan, Berlusconi’s appeal: “Without Forza, Italy cannot be won in big cities”

“Only with a strong Forza Italia can the center-right win and rule in big cities”, Silvio Berlusconi the charge in Forza Italia sounds one week before the vote for the administrative elections in the big cities. “Milan needs a change and to regain the good governance of the center-right – explains the founder of Forza Italia, addressing an appeal to all the Milanese -. Everything was born here. My activities, Forza Italia. All this perhaps would not have been possible in other cities “.

Berlusconi claims the results obtained from the past juntas led by the center-right. “From the new subways to Expo”. Adding that “those who came after us lived only on income. Pursuing an environmentalism in a way that, for example, blocks traffic with cycle paths”. So the appeal to the Milanese to support the candidacy of Bernardo. “We have chosen a doctor, a university professor. A great doctor. We need to change, but Forza Italia is the only guarantee to allow the center-right to win and govern.”


The intervention of the Knight, which was not initially foreseen, arrives in the middle of “Forza Milano”. The event organized by the city commissioner of the forcers, Cristina Rossello, for the closing of the electoral campaign of the center-right candidate for mayor of Milan, Luca Bernardo at the Palazzo delle Stelline. After the presentation of the Forza Italia list was the opening of the event Letizia Moratti. In her brief greeting, the Lombard deputy governor and regional councilor for welfare never mentioned the name of the candidate for mayor. “Here I feel at home”, underlined Moratti, recalling having recently been a guest of “very civil” debates at the Festa de l’Unità and with “friends of the League”.

Then the wish that “our president will come back in attendance” because, he explains, “he has always had a vision that goes beyond” and with Forza Italia “has kept us anchored to the EPP”. The Deputy Governor finally cites Sant’Ambrogio evoking “the dream of a new humanism based on science” with the collaboration between the humanistic and scientific universities. “In the front row there is also the minister Maristella Gelmini who is calling for a vote for his party to “guarantee stability”.

At the end Bernardo speaks, who, jokingly – and referring to the center-left – quotes Mina’s song: “On the other side only words, words, words ….”.

“Milan – said the center-right candidate – must be great. The Milanese must go back to being the engines of the growing city”. The center-right mayoral candidate accuses Sala of “amnesia”. The director of the Department of Pediatrics of the Fatebenefratelli hospital claims that “Sala has a leader who fired a few months ago. He said that if he is re-elected he will change his council. He therefore means admitting that his people have not worked well”. Then comes his appeal: “They are not loyal. It is not true that taxes cannot be lowered. We will see it after the vote on October 4 at the technical table, which the outgoing mayor has never called”.


Municipal elections Milan Berlusconis appeal Forza Italy won big cities

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