Viterbo kills his wife with a rifle and commits suicide in front of his daughter

The murder took place on Saturday 25 September at around 8 pm, when Ciriaco Pigliaru, ex farmer of Sardinian origins, took the rifle and shot his wife. Then he pointed the gun at himself and pulled the trigger. The alarm was given by the daughter who, due to the shock, was hospitalized.

At the age of six, Pigliaru, together with his family, had left Sardinia to transfer to Castel Sant’Elia and, once an adult, had set up a sheep breeding with his father and brother. Also there, he had met his wife Anna Cupelloni, from Nepi, with whom he had two daughters, who are now 27 and 31 years old. Four years ago the decision to sell the farm and to open a tobacconist’s.

“A drama that involves us – commented Vincenzo Girolami, mayor of Castel Sant’Elia -, the sudden death of the spouses, Ciriaco and Anna, something tragic for our whole community. Words are tight, especially at times like these. We express our condolences to the daughters, Valentina and Valeria, and to all the other family members “.


Viterbo kills wife rifle commits suicide front daughter

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