Vaccines, third dose for over 80s, Rsa and health workers. The CTS says “no” to referrals

Green light of the Technical Scientific Committee at the third dose for the over 80 and the guests of the assisted health residences. According to what is learned, this is the opinion expressed by the government experts who have instead postponed the decision on the extension to health personnel: there would be no urgency and they are not fragile subjects. Inontre, the CTS said yes to the third dose even for health professionals most at risk.

According to what has been learned, the CTS has indicated this need which also concerns the over 80s and the guests of assisted healthcare residences.

For the third Covid vaccine “there are no postponements for health professionals”: this is what he declares Silvio Brusaferro, spokesperson for the Cts. “In the constant pursuit of a perspective of maximum precaution, the administration of an additional dose of vaccine is progressively indicated for the over 80s, residents of the RSA, ultra-frail people and health workers starting from those most at risk”, reads a note.

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