Salvini launches Minardo: “He is our candidate for governor in Sicily”

Salvini launches Minardo: “He is our candidate for governor in Sicily”
Salvini launches Minardo: “He is our candidate for governor in Sicily”

Matteo Salvini launches the race of the regional secretary of the League, Nino Minardo, as candidate for governor in Sicily. “Minardo is young, with experience and has consolidated relationships of esteem that make him recognized by his allies as a reliable interlocutor, we will talk about it at the appropriate time”, says the leader of the Northern League in an interview with “La Sicilia” in which he claims “the the duty to lead a region of the South “also in consideration of the national equilibrium of the center-right. “The League had and has excellent names in every Italian region, and from Puglia to Campania we made choices of loyalty towards the coalition, but the results were not what we hoped for” and now “for sure in Sicily the League is there and not she will be a mere spectator “.

Ras of transformism struck by the Lega for Salvini’s trawling in Sicily

in Miriam In Fairy

September 14, 2021

Salvini also freezes the axis between Giorgia Meloni and Nello Musumeci, who recently proposed an alliance for the Regionals to the leader of the Brothers of Italy: “I don’t suffer from jealousy. I want to build a winning team for Sicily, I leave it to others the palace maneuvers “.

The former Minister of the Interior denies splits in his party in Sicily, neither between fundamentalists and moderates, nor between old guard and new entrants: “There is no League more moderate than another. There is only the League, with a secretary who must make a synthesis. I am happy with the development of the party in Sicily, a mix of competence, balance and new faces “.

And to Renzi, who wished “good Padania” to the ex of Italia Viva who passed with the Carroccio, he replies: “With the Renzi government 500 thousand immigrants had landed in Italy. Think about this fact: you could understand why the Sicilians trust the League and not him “.

the interview

Matteo Renzi in Palermo: “Farewell to the displaced, with me and Forza Italia the reformists”

by Carmelo Lopapa

September 26, 2021

Salvini is also looking at the vote in the Administrative Offices. After the autumn session, there will be first Palermo (“The League has political personnel capable of leading the city”) and then Catania in 2023, a perspective on which the leader does not deny the temptation to nominate former Renzian senator Valeria Sudano : “I know and respect Pogliese, but the League has men and women capable of taking over the city”.

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