Germany elections 2021, live scores –

Germany elections 2021, live scores –
Germany elections 2021, live scores –
from Irene Soave and Online Editorial

The live results of the federal elections in Germany for the renewal of the Bundestag: all the updates

Today the Germans will go to the polls for the federal elections, the first after Merkel. The favorite Olaf Scholz, candidate of the SPD, followed by Armin Laschet of the CDU (the Chancellor’s party). But for the first time in decades, the outcome of the elections is still open. Here you find an explanation of the German electoral system; here the interactive special with the latest polls.

17.00 – Voting chaos in Berlin: ballot papers already finished in various polling stations

Chaos at the polls in Berlin, where today we vote for the federal, for the new mayor and for a referendum that proposes the confiscation of the real estate giants. While the whole world has its eyes on the capital, where the Merkel era closes with today’s vote, the city also hosts a marathon that has created disruption to traffic, with large sections of the city barred to traffic. The consequence that several polling stations quickly ran out of ballots, some even had to close earlier for this (while normally you could vote until 6pm). Chaos reigns here. Three elections and a marathon together … It couldn’t work. Now there are no ballots, he commented world the president of the electoral office of the capital.

16.00 – Turnout: 36.5%. In decline, but the postal vote weighs

The turnout rate for elections valid for the renewal of the Bundestag (the German national parliament) was at 2 pm equal to 36.5 per cent of eligible voters. The figure is down by 4.6 percent compared to 2017. The postal vote is still excluded from the count, reports the Central Electoral Office. This year, according to estimates, 40% of voters would have voted by post (more than in 2017, when 28.6% did) and Angela Merkel among them.

14.55 – The Federal Electoral Office considers Laschet’s vote valid

The federal electoral office has made it clear that the vote of Armin Laschet, the candidate chancellor of the CDU-Csu who folded the ballot in the ballot box wrong, is valid. The position of the institution was published on Twitter. A well-known politician at the federal level voted according to expectations for his party. An influence on the election cannot be detected, the tweet reads.

2.30 pm – Laschet folds the ballot paper wrong and the controversy is triggered

Armin Laschet, the conservative candidate in the German elections, misfolded the ballot before depositing it today in the ballot box of the Aachen polling station where he voted in front of journalists and photographers who would have immortalized the mistake. The CDU leader folded the ballot in a way that left the vote for the formation he led evident. Now the German media are wondering if Angela Merkel’s dolphin vote will be canceled, as required by law.

8.45 am – Firefighters intervene on a polling station

In Berlin the firefighters intervene to open a polling station: the keys did not work. No votes were prejudiced guaranteed for the president.

8.00 am – Ballot boxes open throughout Germany. They vote in 60 million

Ballots open for the Superwahlsonntag, the super Sunday election, in Germany. It is called this way because some local appointments are added to the elections for the national parliament: for example, in Berlin, in addition to the policies, the elections for the new mayor and the councils of twelve constituencies are also held, as well as a referendum which will be crucial for the housing situation in the capital. 60 million Germans vote (out of a general population of 83 million) and 4.6% of them vote for the first time, while 58% are over fifty years old. The polls will close at 6pm.

September 26, 2021 (change September 26, 2021 | 5:30 pm)


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