Udinese-Fiorentina 0-1: the Viola suffer but win by measure thanks to Vlahovic’s penalty

Udinese-Fiorentina 0-1: the Viola suffer but win by measure thanks to Vlahovic’s penalty
Udinese-Fiorentina 0-1: the Viola suffer but win by measure thanks to Vlahovic’s penalty

Relive the match of the Dacia Arena between Udinese and Fiorentina through the news of Fiorentina.it

95′ Here ends the challenge of the Dacia Arena.

94′ Alvaro Odriozola has been booked.

93′ Udinese corner, Pussetto with the head sends it to the bottom.

92′ Tiro di Deulofeu, devia di testa Milenkovic.

90′ There will be 5 minutes of recovery.

90′ Vlahovic tries diagonally from inside the area: ball on the bottom.

89′ Pussetto goes down in the area, but for Ghersini there is nothing.

85′ Udinese close to equalizing. Deulofeu overtakes Odriozola and kicks: good Dragowski. Then he kicks Beto and Fiorentina raises a real wall.

83′ Lucas Torreira leaves and Igor joins Fiorentina.

81′ After Biraghi’s exit, the purple captain became Milenkovic.

80′ Gotti sends Samardzic in place of Walace.

77′ Molina returns and kicks: ball in the curve.

73′ Corner Fiorentina, Udinese uncertain to free, then saved with Molina.

71′ Nuytinck and Stryger-Larsen exit and Udogie and Molina enter Udinese.

70′ Sofyan Amrabat warned.

69′ Saponara tries from outside: Silvestri stretches out and deflects the ball.

67′ Great blow from Maleh, which ends just outside.

64′ Triple change for Fiorentina: in Maleh, Amrabat and Nastasic for Bonaventura, Duncan and Martinez Quarta.

59′ First change for Fiorentina: outside Biraghi, inside Terzic.

58′ Makengo tries again diagonally: Dragowski is still good at relaxing.

57′ Cross in the purple area, Quarta and Dragowski are disturbed, but Fiorentina is in no danger. Shortly after, however, Saponara in the open field, two against two, grossly wrong the play.

55′ Beto tries with a good shot from the edge, but Dragowski defuses him well. Then on the development of the action Makengo kicks from afar: central solution saved by the Polish goalkeeper.

53′ Walace warned.

49′ Great purple maneuver, Bonaventura calls Torreira to shoot: high ball, but beautiful action with great game changer by Duncan.

45′ The recovery is underway. Two changes for Udinese: out of Arslan and Soppy for Makengo and Pussetto.



48′ The first half ends.

47′ Arslan warned.

47′ Corner Udinese without result. The game was characterized by rough play and many physical challenges on the wet field, but Soppy showed great heart and had a good game.

45′ There will be 3 minutes of recovery.

40′ A sensational opportunity for Fiorentina. Sumptuous Torreira comes out ball and chain, Odriozola tries a cross shot on which Vlahovic does not arrive by a whisker.

36′ Fiorentina did well on the outside, especially on the left the cross always arrives, but Vlahovic was always anticipated.

32′ Udinese corner maneuvered, then Deulofeu crosses on the bottom.

29′ Cross in the purple area, Vlahovic makes the fight but does not get there.

26′ Fiorentina risks a lot. Deulofeu makes Milenkovic and Quarta dry, but then he lacks support and Dragowski takes the ball.

23′ Race with little pace at this stage.

17′ Ammonito Lucas Martinez Fourth.

16′ GOAL OF FIORENTINA WITH VLAHOVIC! Silvestri throws himself, this time Dusan throws him in the center and beats him.

15′ Penalty kick for Fiorentina. Walace’s clear knee on Bonaventure.

11′ Udinese corner, try the Becao deviation, but the ball slips away on the bottom.

9′ Problems for Biraghi, who recently took a blow to the stomach.

8′ Long action maneuvered by Fiorentina, then the ball reaches Milenkovic who kicks high.

5′ Fiorentina with patience. Long ball possession, Udinese very closed.

3′ Immediately high pressing of Fiorentina, who wants to play the game.

1′ The first half starts with Fiorentina in possession of the ball.


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