“Let’s beat Rome and become great”

“Let’s beat Rome and become great”
“Let’s beat Rome and become great”

ROMA – Difficult for a football fan, in Rome, to pass the wait in view of a derby. Fortunately, there are social networks, the scene of comments, opinions, encouragement, forecasts. So the time passes before the derby. The Lazio, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, form a group around a team that so far has not expressed excellent football. But all with Sarri: “Commander lead us to victory, make his debut with three points in the derby of the Capital. Do it for us. We win and we will grow up “, writes a fan who has a cigarette as a profile picture. It says a lot about his belief in the Biancoceleste coach. “I’ll bet it all on Ciro Immobile, I want his goals to beat Roma “, comments another fan crazy for the bomber.

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Lazio-Rome, the probable formation of Mourinho

Lazio, the derby seen on social media

There is the pragmatist who remembers an unwritten law: “One thing is certain: the derbies, especially those in Rome, have never fully reflected everything that has been done previously. So everything that can be instinctively hypothesized could certainly be disproved ”. And the pessimist who winks at hope:I didn’t want to write it, but right now the teams above us have something more. We hope to play and win again today ”. Lazio on social media posted an emotional video with the best goals against Roma: Chinaglia, Gascoigne, Casiraghi, Zarate, Klose, Di Canio, Mancini, Lulic, Immobile, Acerbi. Emotions imprinted in the memories of every fan, emotions that serve to charge even more: “The most beautiful derby in the world. Head down and play like it’s the last game of your life. Always with you!”commented a fan. And another: “I love Lazio like my family. Make me happy ”. Perhaps the feeling of a Rome derby is contained here.

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Lazio-Roma, the Big Match of the 6th day

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Lets beat Rome great

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