Lazio Region, the Brothers of Italy must dare. Immediately –

Lazio Region, the Brothers of Italy must dare. Immediately –
Lazio Region, the Brothers of Italy must dare. Immediately –

The center-right never seems to learn from their mistakes. One in particular: always be reduced to the last useful moment to choose the candidate. But this time at the Regionals it is not possible to take it easy. And the first move is up to the Meloni Party

If the miracle comes from the polls, that is the election as mayor of Rome of Enrico Michetti, then everyone will have to apologize to the lawyer. But if this is not the case, then the center-right of Lazio will have to seriously question why he continues to lose in the capital and also in the Lazio region. Because in this long and strange summer, even hypotheses and certainties have disappeared.

For example in the League. Nobody seemed to question the fact that the big favorite for the presidential candidacy of the Region was Claudio Durigon, then very powerful undersecretary to the Mef and regional coordinator of the Carroccio. Today these certainties no longer exist. And it will also be necessary to understand what will happen for Lazio’s regional coordination. Especially in the case of a defeat of the League in Rome: below 10% and dubbed by the Brothers of Italy.

Barbara Saltamartini (Photo: Benvegnu ‘Guaitoli / Imagoeconomica)

Names like those of Barbara Saltamartini e Umberto Fusco already circulating. And for months there hasn’t been an intervention of Francesco Zicchieri in favor of Durigon. But the regional coordinator of the League is used to rising from his own ashes. His name remains for the candidacy for the presidency of the Region.

Always at the last moment

The mistake that the center-right makes systematically is to always arrive at the last useful moment. It happened in Rome, Milan and in many other cities. The Region will need to think ahead of time and a shot is also needed by the Brothers of Italy, the relative majority party in Lazio. At least in the center right.

It is not clear why Giorgia Meloni do not bet on exponents of the caliber of Fabio Rampelli, Francesco Lollobrigida, Paolo Trancassini, Chiara Colosimo. A candidacy for the presidency of the Region must be built, metabolized, shared. Two years go by quickly.

Claudio Fazzone and Mario Abbruzzese

Then there is Forza Italia. Antonio Tajani e Claudio Fazzone they cannot afford the luxury of abdicating in Lazio and the ruling class is certainly not lacking within the “Azzurri”. Cambiamo-Coraggio Italia must also make its contribution. It will depend a lot on Mario Abbruzzese, among the most authoritative leaders in the Lazio movement Giovanni Toti.

The center-right cannot be reduced even this time to the last dive.


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