How did Mario Merola die? Here are the details of what happened

How did Mario Merola die? Here are the details of what happened
How did Mario Merola die? Here are the details of what happened

The king of the Neapolitan drama, Mario Merola, passed away in 2006. But what was the dynamic that led to his death?

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Mario Merola it was a real gem for Naples. A truly incredible artist who accompanied many generations and who is still pleasantly remembered today. Its genre has enchanted all the Italian people for years and it is a truly historic thing since the “scripted”Were typically local.

He was born as a singer but his resounding versatility has made him too actor, composer and finally, television personality. He played a fundamental role in re-evaluating the role of the musical-theatrical context of the drama. In short, Mario Merola has marked in an important way a cross-section of the Neapolitan and Italian show.

As often happens for the great protagonists of our history, the moment of the epilogue is always hard to digest. The artist is dead in 2006 but not everyone knows what led to his death. Let’s see what led to the death of the king of the Neapolitan drama.

Mario Merola: the reasons for his death and his farewell

Mario Merola was admitted to the San Leonardo hospital in Castellamare di Stabia on 7 November 2006. There was talk of a cardio-respiratory insufficiency. Family members spread the news of a real health condition very serious. In the late evening there was talk of an improving situation. His hospitalization was relieved, as revealed by his son, by listening to a song very dear to him: ‘one hundred years‘.

Finally, on Sunday 12 November, his death arrives for cardiac arrest. All this would be due to the fact that the actor ate raw mussels. After two days there was the funeral held in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Carmine Maggiore. The same one in which there was the wedding of Merola himself and the funeral of another Neapolitan protagonist: Totò. It was a very important funeral and not for a few close friends.

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That day there were present the local authorities, the many colleagues but above all about 40 thousand people. At least half followed the coffin to the Monumental Cemetery of Naples. Place where the artist is buried. A sign of great gratitude from an entire city that thanked a piece of history of the city of Naples.


Mario Merola die details happened

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