“Betrayals and couple exchanges” – Libero Quotidiano

“Betrayals and couple exchanges” – Libero Quotidiano
“Betrayals and couple exchanges” – Libero Quotidiano

Turbid sexual secrets creep into the investigation into the death of Laura Ziliani. Two of the three daughters of the former policewoman have been under arrest since last Friday Temù (Brescia) disappeared 140 days ago, Silvia and Paola Zani, and the fiance of the eldest daughter, Mirto Milani. The woman would first be stunned with anxiolytics and then suffocated with a pillow in the bed. So the three young people would have staged the disappearance, with misdirection actions that lasted entire weeks. Motive for the murder: to divide the victim’s real estate assets and enjoy that “income” without having to work hard.

According to what is filtered by the investigations, Silvia and Paola’s cell phones would have been made to disappear. The sisters would have given new smartphones to the carabinieri. According to Mirto, the old ones had been sold for 250 euros “to a Moroccan at the station. Because we needed the money”. According to reports from the Press, however, the version provided is one of the many lies of this story: in fact, the old mobile phones would “reappear” but with reset to the initial factory settings. What did the three suspects have to hide?

Silvia motivated the gesture with the “shame” caused “by the idea that it was known that I was enrolled in a swingers site“. Paola instead did not want” to know that i am in a relationship with my sister’s boyfriend “. Other shocking pieces, such as the attempt to” build “a fictitious crime scene by scattering the victim’s shoes and jeans around Palù, to corroborate the thesis of a straight disappearance even on TV, in front of the cameras of Who has seen.

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Betrayals couple exchanges Libero Quotidiano

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