Tension and scuffles, the No vax raise the bar “Duomo! Duomo!”. The assault on the police begins

Milano – The No vax rise again the level of the encounter. If three weeks ago some of them had attacked a 5-star gazebo and the following Saturday they had blocked Corso Buenos Aires indefinitely, this time the anti-vaccinists have violently faced the police. The escalation took place at tenth unauthorized procession in a row, in defiance of any rule and taking advantage of that phantom “health dictatorship” which is actually so democratic as to allow a few thousand people to keep a metropolis in check for three hours.

The chronicle of the day starts from piazza Fontana: disoriented by the various announcements on the Telegram chats that remotely guide the accephalus movement that opposes the green pass, some showed up at 16.30 thinking of an advance on the usual time, while others arrived as always at 17.15-17.30. A few hundred meters away, in Piazza Duomo, there are the stage and the cordoned off area for the election rally by Giorgia Meloni in support of the candidate for mayor Luca Bernardo. The priority objective of public order officials: to avoid in every way that anti-vaccinists come into contact with the militants of the Brothers of Italy, also because a few days ago in Turin the leader of FdI was challenged by the No vax. The alternative route, already communicated to the local police patrols who must take care of stopping traffic in the streets marked on the map, includes largo Augusto, via Larga, corso di Porta Vittoria, piazza V Giornate, viale Bianca Maria, viale Majno and corso Buenos Aires , arriving at the Centrale. And in fact at 6 pm the front rows set off in the agreed direction. Too bad that others start screaming “Duomo! Duomo!” and to move quickly in via Cardinal Martini; to block their way there is a cordon of police officers and police in riot gear.

The No vax do not retreat, on the contrary they advance with their arms raised, knowingly seeking contact. The confrontation lasts just over a minute: demonstrators push, police and military try to contain them by limiting the use of force as much as possible (eventually two will complain of head bruises). Result: the anti-vaccinists manage to pass the first line up, covering a few tens of meters. But then, the contingent regroups, with the armored vehicles sideways behind him, and repels the crowd at the intersection with via Palazzo Reale. At that point, the demonstrators decide to get around the obstacle, passing behind the Cathedral and emerging from Corso Vittorio Emanuele. By now Meloni has finished her speech and is already in the car, but she almost touches the dangerous intersection at the corner with via Mercanti: the car that is carrying the political exponent, preceded by a white Limousine-sized Hummer, manages to reverse and move away towards Via Torino, narrowly avoiding the oncoming parade.

The rest is the usual circle deliberately uncontrolled between Piazza Scala (with a boy on a scooter surrounded and attacked in via Case Rotte with slaps and punches on his helmet, perhaps for some insult to the No vax), piazza Meda and via Torino, up to the Columns and piazza XXIV Maggio. At the top of the four thousand – an unprecedented – university students and a handful of anarchists who previously had always remained in the queue. In the evening the counter-traffic blitz on the internal ring road, with closure in front of the Court.

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