Thiago Motta’s report cards: no longer reckless, now he’s wise. Thus the Spezia is saved

As against Juventus, Thiago Motta also makes a good impression against Milan, but Spezia in the end comes out with zero points in two games. “The changes work, but the final joke frustrates everything”, we write of TMW promoting it with a 6. Same grade as The Gazzetta dello Sport: “He stopped being reckless, he became wise. Spice is always in the game and on the piece. So we save ourselves”. The same thing is written by the Corriere della Sera, according to which La Spezia “has character and clear ideas”.

TMW: 6
The Gazzetta dello Sport: 6
Corriere della Sera: 6
Corriere dello Sport: 6
Tuttosport: 6


Thiago Mottas report cards longer reckless hes wise Spezia saved

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