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“Death by hanging.” The autopsy on the body of the 29-year-old Giacomo Sartori, found dead seven days after his disappearance from Milan, confirms the first hypothesis of the investigators. But the doubts are not entirely dispelled. Not on the cause of death and on the voluntary gesture, but on the dynamics of what happened that night and on why the computer scientist originally from Mel in the Belluno area was in the countryside between Casorate Primo and Motta Visconti, in the Pavia area, where he had never been before nor had any contact.

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The disappearance of Giacomo Sartori
The car

The first investigations confirmed that Sartori is arrived in the area of ​​the Cascina Caiella farmhouse, where Wednesday his car had been found, following the path of the company cell phone that was in the backpack, along with two computers, stolen a few hours earlier in a wine shop in Porta Venezia. About thirty kilometers that the boy traveled with his company Polo, without money and without documents, in the hope of being able to track down the thieves. The last sign drawn by the boy, through applications that are activated in case of loss, would have placed the mobile phone in that countryside area close to the Ticino Park. This explains, according to investigators coordinated by the Pavia prosecutor Andrea Zanoncelli, the reason for his race at two in the morning along the A7 motorway, from Milan to Binasco.

The cameras

According to the first investigations by the carabinieri of the investigative unit of Milan, Sartori would have died in the early morning of last Saturday, after a whole night of searching for a cell phone. The cameras of the two villages near the Cascina Caiella film it several times during the night. The latest around 7: he is in the car, always just driving. His personal Iliad cell phone hooks up the cell phones in the area several times. But the printouts – so far only partial – testify only to data traffic. Then from 7.30 the phone is off.

The autopsy

That would be the moment the 29-year-old twice enters the farmhouse courtyard, rummages among the tools under the shed and first retrieves a chain (which will break in two during a first attempt) and then a large construction extension that winds 3.5 meters high to the branch of a large oak tree in the nearby orchard and decides to kill himself. The autopsy confirmed death by hanging and that the only injuries present are compatible with the cord found around the neck. On the body no obvious signs of a struggle, just a small scratch near an armpit that he would have gotten by climbing the tree. As well as the marks found on the shoe uppers. The medical examiner, on the basis of the state of the body, however, indicated a range on the time of death of less than seven days since the disappearance. But for the investigators this is only a preliminary outcome and the scientific certainty on the times will come from the forensic entomologists. It happened a few months ago in the case of a murder that took place in Milan.

The disappearance of Giacomo Sartori

The Depression

More important are the results of the fingerprints on the cell phone left under the tree and on the DNA found under the nails. The 29-year-old had never shown signs of depression. The only precedent – he had gone away from his family for 2 hours to go for a swim in the Piave – it dates back to 4 years ago. At the time he had broken up with his girlfriend, a story that had strongly marked him. So much so that in recent years he has not had other lasting relationships according to his friends.

The work

Sartori had already suffered the theft of a company PC three months ago. The owner of the Assago software company where he worked had sent an email to all employees recommending the utmost attention to company materials. The 29-year-old’s fixed-term contract would expire next June. But his colleagues explained to the carabinieri that his reconfirmation was not in question. Perhaps the idea of ​​having suffered a second theft agitated him with the possible consequences. Hence the insistence and the nocturnal hunt for stolen goods.

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