new sighting, hope is rekindled

new sighting, hope is rekindled
new sighting, hope is rekindled

Daniele Potenzoni, a flame of hope had rekindled on one of the most followed cases of disappearance in recent years. In 2015, while he was going with an organized group belonging to a day center for the disabled to the Pope’s audience, he vanished into thin air. Its last traces are lost in the Roman underground. Many reports, all unsuccessful, over the years. His family, who lives in Pantigliate, in the Milanese area, never gave up. He was 36 years old at the time of Daniele Potenzioni’s death. The frequent participation of the father in the program “Who has seen it?” it helped to never draw attention to each other.

Daniele Potenzoni: new sighting

We come to the latest news on Daniele Potenzioni: a hauler made a video along the road between Anzio and Aprilia that portrays a man who looks like Daniele, and whom he has seen several times in recent times. Franco Potenzoni looked carefully at those images and noticed many interesting elements. The stranger walks along the edge of the road, has a receding hairline similar to that of the deceased, compatibly with the time that has passed, his nose looks the same and then his pants are rolled up a lot over his shoes, a gesture that Daniele used to do. Impossible for the moment to verify the identity of that man.

The disabled person today would be 41 years old. On two occasions, on 16 and 21 September, the Latina hauler allegedly saw the person resembling Potenzioni on the Nettunense, the road that connects Aprilia to Anzio. “He sent me a message telling me that he saw a person who could look like my son,” Franco Potenzoni, the boy’s father, told “Quarto Grado” over the phone. “The details that struck me most are the head, the nose and the walk. I’m not under the illusion, we’ll see the developments, but the similarity is there”.

Unfortunately, subsequent checks by the family criminologist today gave a negative result, the person picked up by the truck driver would not be Daniele.

The disappearance dates back to 10 June 2015

Daniele Potenzoni, 36 years old at the time, lives with his parents in Pantigliate (Milan). On Wednesday 10 June 2015 he was in Rome to go to the audience with Pope Francis with his group, led by three companions and a volunteer. Arriving at Termini station, at 9 they got on a train of the metro line “A”, but as there was not enough space, the companions asked everyone to get off to take the next one. But he remained on the train that left and, despite searches at the stations and in the surrounding areas, he has not yet been found. He doesn’t own a cell phone. It was never found again.

We keep looking for Daniele Potenzoni.

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