election campaign already over? – Free Daily

election campaign already over? – Free Daily
election campaign already over? – Free Daily

The “gladiatrice” Virginia Raggi drags into ridicule Beppe Grillo and all the 5 Star Movement. The founder’s social gimmick had the opposite effect: portrayed as a warrior of the ancient world Roma with a photomontage beyond the safety limits of trash, the outgoing mayor who according to the polls will be crushed by Michetti e Gualtieri (and maybe as well Calenda) is praised by Grillo with courtly expressions: “The higher you fly, the smaller will seem those who cannot do it. Virginia, go ahead with courage!”.

All this while the capital is in much more prosaic and embarrassing conditions. AND the herds of wild boars that run around in the center, to the terror of the residents, are the cover of a council that began with great hopes and ended in the most humiliating way possible. And if Grillo celebrates the first town, Osho on the front page of the Weather puts her in the hat.

Same photo published by Beppe, alienating message: “On my signal free the wild boars“. We laugh in the rest of Italy, we cry in Rome where the daily gladiators are the citizens forced to slalom between waste and warthogs.

And in the meantime, insults rained on Grillo’s head: “It is not important that you fly as high as far. From Rome and those who love it”, reads the comments. Or again: “You have given Italy in the hands of people who were unable to manage a closet. You are responsible for this mess. the garbage that abounds “or” I hope this shows that he is campaigning against Virginia Raggi .. Because if he wants to do her a favor, then he has made her even more ridiculous than she may seem when she says she did well … When then everyone knows that Rome with her it just got worse“.

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