“Rome transformed into an open-air biopark”

“Rome transformed into an open-air biopark”
“Rome transformed into an open-air biopark”

September 26, 2021 12:42 pm


Rome is a dirty city. According to the perception of Time Out readers, it is even dirtier than New York and any other metropolis. The Romans are aware of this. And, as Roberto Gualtieri underlined during a meeting held in Don Bosco, the city is traversed by a sort of “collective mistrust”.

An open-air biopark

“We live submerged in waste and we have transformed Rome into an open-air landfill and – added the center-left candidate for mayor – in many neighborhoods we have also transformed it into an open-air biopark, with various species of animals wandering around the streets “. They frequent the capital for an intuitive reason.

Because there are wild boars

“If wild boars arrive in the city – the president of the Bioparco of Rome, the biologist Francesco Petretti, recently recalled – it is because there is a reason that drives them, food, and they have understood that it is possible to find food near the man without the danger of being shot down by hunters ”. But it is not an unavoidable condition. To bring the ungulates back to their natural habitat “it is enough that there is no longer a rebound of responsibility, that the waste is collected regularly and that the citizens adopt a correct behavior” summarized Petretti.

Refusals consequence misrule

Is it possible to keep the streets clean? Gualtieri, in the meeting organized in the pedestrian area of ​​via Flavio Stilicone with Massimiliano Smeriglio and the left civic ecologist list, the answer can only be affirmative. “Rome is not ungovernable, whoever governed it was not capable. If you change the CEO of Ama 5 times in a row and its president twice, if after a few months you change the top and add people who are not experts in waste, then we should not be surprised that the city is dirty “. And we should not be too surprised even if wild animals, such as wild boars and seagulls, decide to take advantage of it.


Rome transformed openair biopark

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