SBK, Toprak gives Rea no escape and wins Race 1 in Jerez, 3rd Redding

SBK, Toprak gives Rea no escape and wins Race 1 in Jerez, 3rd Redding
SBK, Toprak gives Rea no escape and wins Race 1 in Jerez, 3rd Redding

Toprak Razgatlioglu wins Race 1 in Jerez ahead of Johnny Rea. The Turkish rider was simply perfect, who challenged his rival in saber and foil, bending him in the first of the two heats. On the lowest step of the podium appears the Ducati of Redding, which in the course of the last lap got the better of Locatelli’s Yamaha, the latter forced to console himself with fourth place.

In the first five places also the Honda of Alvaro Bautista, followed by the Ducati of a surprising Loris Baz, the best among the independents. Behind the Frenchman there is instead space for van der Mark, then Bassani and Lowes with Gerloff to complete the top ten of the day. Out of the top ten Haslam, as well as Laverty, 13th Folger.

ROUND 19 – I now start the penultimate lap of Race 1 in Jerez with Toprak leading the race thanks to seven tenths of a second over Rea.

ROUND 18 – Between Toprak and Rea there are 694 thousandths, while Redding is back under less than a second on Locatelli’s Yamaha. Bassani instead focuses on van der Mark’s BMW

ROUND 17 – Rea does not want to give it a win and is back down with a gap of six tenths from Toprak when there are three laps left at the end of Race 1. Laverty 12th at BMW followed by Nozane and Ponsson.

ROUND 16 – Toprak now gives the jerk, trimming Rea a full seven tenths. The Cannibal is played all out in order to reassemble the leader of the World Cup. 3rd Locatelli with an advantage of one second and one tenth over Redding’s Ducati, 5th Bautista then Baz.

ROUND 15 – Toprak now tries to push and Rea finds himself half a second behind the Turkish of Yamaha when there are 5 laps to go. Loris Baz instead passes van der Mark and is sixth behind Bautista. The Frenchman is 9 seconds behind Razgatlioglu’s Yamaha.

ROUND 14 – Razgatlioglu attacks Rea and takes command of the race right now. The Turkish now has 240 thousandths of an advantage over the Northern Irishman’s Kawasaki.

ROUND 13 – Toprak is getting closer and closer to Johnny: between the two there are now only 150 thousandths to separate them. An incandescent challenge in this Race 1 on the Jerez track. Locatelli is instead third to second and a half behind the leading pair.

ROUND 12 – Toprak has no intention of giving up and goes back down, bringing the gap to just three tenths from the Cannibal. 3rd Locatelli, who outdistanced Redding, now three seconds from the top.

Here is an image of Rinaldi’s fall in the change of direction to go down.

ROUND 11 – Here is the updated ranking when we enter the second part of the race.

ROUND 10 – Rea responds to Toprak, putting four tenths between his Kawasaki and the Turkish’s Yamaha. Redding instead sees the gap rise to three seconds clear of the top.

ROUND 9 – 1’40 ”1, this is the time trial signed by Toprak who returns below in the last passage. Between him and Rea there are now three tenths, while Locatelli loses contact with the group, moving to one second and three tenths. Van der Mark, on the other hand, is only one second behind Bautista.

ROUND 8 – Rea tries to give a break, trimming Toprak half a second, while Locatelli sees his gap increase to one second. Baz passes to seventh position, putting Haslam on.

ROUND 7 – Rea regains some margin on Toprak, trimming the Turkish three tenths, while Locatelli’s gap rises and eight tenths. Behind him Redding. In this round the Cannibal lapped in 1’40 “2.

LAP 6 – Toprak and Rea make contact in turn 6, but both riders remain on their bikes. Locatelli and Redding take advantage of this contact, sticking to the leading pair. Top four are enclosed in just seven tenths. Very tight race in Jerez with Bautista fifth, more than three seconds from the top.

ROUND 5 – Rea extends to four tenths on Toprak, while Samuele Cavalieri ends up on the ground. Locatelli is third instead with Redding coming back under, accusing only half a second from the Yamaha rider from Bergamo. Ninth Bassani who overtakes Lowes.

ROUND 4 – First twist: Rinaldi ends up on the ground in turn 3 when he was in fifth position. Meanwhile Rea has three tenths of a margin on Toprak, while Locatelli accuses a clear second from the Kawasaki Cannibal. In fifth place is now Bautista, then van der Mark passing Haslam.

LAP 3 – Rea is still in the lead with three tenths of a margin over Toprak, who is in turn pursued by Locatelli. On the other hand, Redding’s gap from the summit rises to a second and a half, followed by Rinaldi’s Ducati.

ROUND 2 – Rea sets the pace with two margins of advantage over Toprak, while Locatelli is six tenths from the Cannibal having passed Rinaldi, who is also overtaken by Redding, now fourth ahead of the Romagna. Sesto Haslam, then Bautista van der Mark and Baz ninth, followed by Lowes and Bassani.

LAP 1 – Rea leaps to the command of the race with a masterful overtaking against Toprak. The Cannibal leads the race ahead of the Turkish, while a super Locatelli third, followed by Rinaldi. Both Italian riders benefited from a slight wide of Redding, now fifth

11:00 Part now Gara 1 to Jerez!

10:58 The warmup lap starts now. Recall that Isaac Vinales will not take to the track today following the death of Dean Berta Vinales.

10:50 Bikes lined up, 10 minutes at the start of Race 1. 21st in the air, 27th on the asphalt.

10:40 The pit lane opened at this moment and the bikes entered the track for Race 1, which will start at 11:00.

At 10:15 a minute of silence will be observed in memory of Dean Berta Vinales, who passed away yesterday during Race 1 of the SuperSport300. Race 1 will start at 11 am. Toprak Razgagtlioglu will start from pole followed by Lowes and Rea’s Kawasakis.

In the second row we find the Ducati of Redding and Rinaldi with Locatelli at the side. Below is the ranking of how the qualifying on Saturday morning went.

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