“Naughty!”. The endorsement of Grillo alla Raggi ends in farce

“Naughty!”. The endorsement of Grillo alla Raggi ends in farce
“Naughty!”. The endorsement of Grillo alla Raggi ends in farce

Beppe Grillo, probably unconsciously, he did not lose the comic verve that characterized his first part of his career and, in an attempt to launch the final sprint for the electoral campaign of Virginia Raggi shared a photomontage of her as a vestal gladiator. As when he raged with his TV shows, even now there are many who cheer and laugh at him but others who, in front of his exploit, cannot even smile. The problem is that the latter are now more numerous than the former and that few have seriously accepted Beppe Grillo’s endorsement to Virginia Raggi. The social networks on which the Genoese leader built the fortune of the 5-star Movement no longer recognize him as a guide, which is probably a further step towards the end of the grillino phenomenon.

The higher you fly, the smaller will seem those who can’t. Virginia, go ahead with courage!“, wrote Beppe Grillo as a caption to what he intended to be a suggestive image to sculpt the figure of a fighting mayor in the collective ideal. But the effect obtained was anything but.”The last time I saw such a thing there was Bismark“wrote Gios, underlining the anachronism of the” grillino masterpiece “. Then there are those who in that photo already see the future of Virginia Raggi after October 4, when she will have to free her desk at the Capitol to devote herself to other activities:”It’s the dress for the new job. Are gladiators at the Colosseum“.

But among those who praise the goddess Diana as the only savior of Rome invaded by wild boars and those who wonder if Grillo’s profile has been hacked (and in this case the answer is negative) there are those who hypothesize a new “divine” role for her like “Super Virginia, the goddess of rubbish in Rome“. There is no shortage of detail aesthetes on Twitter, a varied and surprising social network for the pearls it is able to create and therefore a certain Niccolò pulls the most camp element out of his hat in the whole questionable photomontage:”All beautiful but it is thanks to french of the nails above the shield that I am convinced that we are the best country in the world“.

Many do not want to believe that it was the leader of the 5-star Movement who shared a photomontage of such proportions, but they must give up in front of the evidence of the blue check on his profile which certifies its authenticity. And, when faced with the evidence, they can only acknowledge it and hypothesize future scenarios: “If any of the other candidates post a pic of Asterix e Obelix I swear that I take up residence in Rome only to vote for it“. But the confusion is so great, because someone had mistaken the” Virgy Empress “for a new character from the famous videogame Age of Empires, others for the cover of Halsey’s new album. But the Romans are an extraordinary people and so here it is, in the bunch of thousands of ironic comments, there is the one that sums it all up with a surprising simplicity: “What is this peasant?“.


Naughty endorsement Grillo alla Raggi ends farce

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