No Green pass in Rome, a policewoman takes the stage: disciplinary action is taken

It is not the first time that the external policewoman has made her positions. She was presented on stage as the author of Byoblu (a video of the intervention and an interview with her is also published on the online site), self-styled “citizen TV” which hosts controversial characters, admittedly no vax, deniers, conspiracy theorists and the like.

The assistant superintendent made his debut on stage by saying that he was “here as a free citizen to exercise my rights under the Constitution”; however, she is presented as a police officer and her role exalted in the no pass case.

In his speech, where he also quotes Jesus and Gandhi, he says that “the historical moment we are experiencing is of unprecedented gravity and demonstrating is like denouncing a crime”. He then defines the Green pass as “the card of discrimination, the mark of discrimination”.

He expected consequences for his participation, as he announced from the stage: “I told a friend of mine that I would participate, she told me I’m crazy, ‘from tomorrow you won’t have a career anymore. I replied ‘evil has not won’ “.

On the Byoblu website in another interview, the policewoman reiterates what she said on stage about the Green pass: “I am in favor of rejecting it across the board. This compromise cannot be reached, it cannot be accepted”. And reading the interview we discover that Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò is also the author, precisely for Byoblu, of a novel defined as “successful”: The girl with the extra wheel, or “the story of people angry with the world, marginalized, lonely , but they have not given up “.

His positions are reiterated on his social channels, where he also shares articles and posts on various denial and conspiracy theories. On Facebook she posted the video of her speech at the no pass event, underlining “I never imagined ending up on stage”, thanking “the thousands of people” who listened to her.

At the demonstration – organized by Ancora Italia, Movimento 3V, No Fear Day, Primum non nocere, FISI and Fronte del dissenso – 100 thousand people arrived for the organizers. For those who watched a few thousand. Late in the evening about ten people were identified and reported for roadblocks and unauthorized demonstrations: when the static demonstration was over and the participants were flowing out, a small group gathered together on the side of Piazzale Appio, blocked the road by improvising a procession. The agents blocked them at via Rimini.

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