that’s who are the 10 couples leaving

that’s who are the 10 couples leaving
that’s who are the 10 couples leaving

“Beijing Express” lands on Sky with the guide of Costantino della Gherardesca. The pairs of competitors who will leave for the next edition, produced by Banijay Italia in 2022, have been chosen.

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Alex Schwazer and Bruno Fabbri – “The Athletics” Alex Schwazer, 36, from Vipiteno (Bolzano), walker, gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 50 km, one of the most complex sporting events in recent years. In 2016 he met his wife Kathrin Freund, with whom he has two children: one 4 years old, the other a few months old. Bruno Fabbri, 63 years old from Pesaro, is one of the most accredited sports doctors in Italy: he has followed the Italian National Boxing Team for years. Passionate about driving, he has always been Alex’s friend and fan. Bruno wrote a book called “Sex as Sport”, a real cult in the environment.

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Ciro and Giovambattista Ferrara – “Father and Son” Ciro Ferrara, 54 years old from Naples, is a former football player and coach. He is considered among the best defenders of the Eighties and Nineties: he played for 10 seasons in Napoli and for 11 in Juventus, winning various national and international titles. Today he is an established football commentator on TV with a very strong passion for sport, which he follows continuously from the sofa of his home. Giovambattista is the third son of Ciro, “the little one of the house” (he is 20 years old): affectionate and funny, a lover of evenings with friends, of the playstation and of the study he takes in small doses. He attends the university and arrives late every time he is asked to be on time but then, with a smile and a joke, he always comes out great. He finished second with his team in the soccer tournament (“missing a penalty one minute from the end of the game,” adds his father). ·

Barbascura X and Andrea Boscherini – “The Scientists” Two 34-year-old science communicators: Barbascura X, from Taranto, is a chemist, writer and musician; whimsical and multifaceted, very popular on all social networks and especially through his YouTube channel, he graduated in organic chemistry with a doctorate in green chemistry, he also defines himself as a pirate, satyr and serial procrastinator. Andrea Boscherini, from Bagno di Romagna, is an expert in natural sciences. Barbascura X calls Andrea “the man of the woods”: they met a year ago for work and they shared trips and excursions in the woods to study the fauna. Andrea has a real passion for animals and in particular for wolves, deer and snakes.

Rita Rusic and Cristiano Di Luzio – “I Fidanzatini” Rita Rusic (61 years old), film producer, actress and model of Croatian origins, participates with her partner Cristiano Di Luzio (from Anzio, Rome, 31 years old). He worked for many years as a model and today he is an entrepreneur. They met in 2020 and immediately went to live together in Rome. The first time they met at a photo shoot for Chi.

Anna Ciati and Giulia Paglianiti – “Le TikToker” Anna Ciati (Besana Brianza, Monza-Brianza, 22 years old) and Giulia Paglianiti (Limbiate, MB, 20 years old), tiktoker friends and influencers with over one million followers each. In 2021, Giulia’s book entitled “Did I love the right way?” in which he wanted to tell the betrayals suffered, the disappointments and his way of facing even the most difficult situations with ironic and amusing tones. Anna, who aspires to work on TV one day, has written a book called “Rosso Fuoco” to tell about her life, says she fits perfectly with Giulia and that together they have all the credentials to get involved.

Victoria Cabello and Paride Vitale – “I Pazzeschi” Victoria Cabello (born in London, 46 years old) in her career was sent to Le Iene, host and author of Very Victoria on MTV, of Victor Victoria on La7 and Quelli che il calcio; then judge of X Factor and in 2006 he also co-hosted the Sanremo Festival. Paride Vitale, Milanese by adoption and originally from Pescasseroli (L’Aquila), 44, deals with consultancy in communication strategies, press office, event organization and public relations. Victoria and Paride have been friends for over twenty years.

Fru and Aurora Leone – “The Jackals” Gianluca Colucci aka Fru, Neapolitan, 26, actor and comedian, has been a member of The Jackal since 2016. In 2021 he is in the cast of “LOL” together with his partner in crime with The Jackal Ciro Priello and is co-star of the Netflix series “Generation 56K”. Aurora Leone, from Caserta, 22, is a comic actress and author enlisted in the collective of The Jackal since 2019, after participating in Italia’s Got Talent in which she reached the final. ·

Nikita Pelizon and Helena Prestes – “Italia-Brasile” Nikita Pelizon, born in Trieste, 27, also known as “Uragano Nikita”, works as a model and interviewer and has participated in numerous programs including “Ex on the Beach”, in 2018, with Matteo Diamante, her ex-boyfriend. Helena Prestes is a 31-year-old model and actress of Brazilian origin (she was born in Sao Paulo) and lives in Milan, she is very sporty, yoga teacher, dynamic and adventurous. ·

Bugo and Cristian Dondi – “The Independents” Cristian Bugatti aka Bugo, 48, from Rho, is a songwriter and musician. Successfully established in the context of independent music, multifaceted artist, multi-instrumentalist, he is considered one of the most interesting and controversial artists of the Italian music scene. Cristian Dondi (46) is his best friend: they have known each other since adolescence, having both grown up in the same area, they played together for over 10 years until Cristian decided to change profession and devote himself to the world of ‘ audiovisual. ·

Natasha Stefanenko and Sasha Sabbioni – “Mom and Daughter” Natasha Stefanenko, 52, former model, actress and TV presenter born in Sverdlovsk (Russia) and naturalized Italian. He participates with his 21-year-old daughter Sasha Sabbioni (born in Ancona), a student in Economics and Management. The journey of “Beijing Express”, this season, will develop in the Middle East and will touch four states: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.


The new adventure will be along the route of the Sultans: it is the territories where the Islamic rulers historically dominated that brought Middle Eastern civilizations to splendor during the dark centuries of the West. By narrating these middle civilizations, a bridge between West and East, travelers will meet the most diverse cultures: the splendor of the Ottoman era with its Greek and Roman influences, Sufi mysticism, the traces of the ancient Hittites, Mongols, Persians, Bedouins and Nabataeans. The competing couples will travel on the same roads traveled by the Crusaders, Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane: they will start from Cappadocia and cross Istanbul, the “Sublime door”, to then reach the dazzling Samarkand along the Silk Road. They will discover the hidden treasures of the mysterious Petra up to the futuristic Dubai, a true symbol of conjunction between our world and that of the Sultans. “Beijing Express” is one of the most successful formats of recent years, and also in this new edition will see the 10 couples traveling for thousands of kilometers in a territory distant from their origin, both geographically and culturally . The novelty of this season is that the couples will not only move by hitchhiking, but will cross the desert on a dromedary, will get on trains, tractors, boats and will have to face tough routes on foot. This season’s exciting and adrenaline-filled race will unfold along the Sultans’ route, a race – as always at “Beijing Express” – made of amazement for discovery, joy for solidarity (the final prize is donated to support one of the NGOs operating in the countries visited during the edition) and very strong interactions between human beings, distant from each other in culture and habits but able to collaborate and unite even in the most extreme conditions.

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