Italy also wins the Pastry World Cup: who are world-class pastry chefs

Lorenzo Puca, Massimo Pica and Andrea Restuccia led by Alessandro Dalmasso have won the third world title for Italy out of twelve participations since 1997

There couldn’t be icing on the cake better than this for this memorable 2021 in which Italy has won everything: from the Eurovision Song Contest with the Maneskin to the European Championships in football, softball and volleyball for both men and women, from the record of medals at the Olympics and Paralympics to successes in tennis. And now here is that Italy, for the third time in its history, also conquers the World of Pastry.

They take it home Lorenzo Puca, Massimo Pica and Andrea Restuccia, “trained” by Alessandro Dalmasso. They created a chocolate dessert to share, an ice cream cake, a restaurant dessert, a 165cm sugar sculpture and a chocolate piece of the same height. They beat the other ten teams in the race and climbed two more steps of the podium compared to the third place they won in 2019. Behind Italy they placed the Japan and the France, while Switzerland won the sustainability award and Chile the one for team spirit.

Who are the world champion pastry chefs –

The Italian pastry team, as we have seen, is composed of Lorenzo Puca, the captain, who was also present in 2019, and is capable of creating real works of art with sugar. Near him Andrea Restuccia, 28, also present in 2019, expert in ice sculptures, but this year they weren’t there according to the new regulation. The new entry compared to two years ago is Massimo Pica, 36-year-old Milanese and chocolate wizard. To guide them Alessandro Dalmasso, president of the Club of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Selezione Italia. The World Cup has been held since 1987 at the Sirah restaurant in Lyon, and for Italy this is the third title after the successes of 1997 and 2015 when the Azzurri were led by Iginio Massari.

The world pastry competition –

In ten hours in time, the eleven competing teams have created the different types of sweet-works of art that we have listed above. This year the restaurant dessert has replaced the plate dessert because the goal of the new president Pierre Hermé, who has taken the place of the founder of the competition Gabriel Paillasson, is to promote the profession of restaurant confectioner and the collaboration between the chef and the pastry chef. In Italy this collaboration is full of interesting examples that have now been noticed worldwide, just think of Isabella Potì who is the pastry chef of the starred Salento Bros’ restaurant in Lecce.

An ad hoc commission has been created for this special category with five pastry chefs and three chefs: Sébastien Vauxion, Brandon Dehan, Jordi Roca, Eunji Lee, Glenn Viel, Sang Hoon Degeimbre, Dominique Crenn e l ‘Italian Giuseppe Amato of the restaurant La Pergola in Rome which has three Michelin stars.

Another feature of this edition was attention to sustainability: for example, the use of additives, dyes, titanium dioxide and glitter powders was not allowed. The desserts, therefore, as well as being beautiful, also turned out a little more genuine.

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Italy wins Pastry World Cup worldclass pastry chefs

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