Food references: full week for Esselunga

Food references: full week for Esselunga
Food references: full week for Esselunga

These have been stormy days for a rather widespread supermarket company in the Bel Paese. Here are the products subject to food recalls

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I withdrawals of products from supermarket shelves they are always around the corner. This week they were even more intense for a celebrity supermarket chain of the Bel Paese. It is about Long S, who has had to deal with several food recalls.

Some have been taken sample foods, in which the bodies in charge have found traces of substances highly harmful to human health. For this it is good to go deeper to understand to which products particular attention should be paid.

Food recalls: which products have been withdrawn? For what reasons?

Specifically, the robiola di monte branded Invernizzi, l’Polase food supplement e Bjorg coconut nectar. Inside the first, the presence of Escherichia coli stec. The sampling was done at the headquarters of Lissone.

For the Polase (winter defense 28 and 14 sachets, GSK Consumer Healthcare Srl) the recall occurred due to traces of ethylene oxide in concentrations higher than permitted limits.

Same substance also in Bjorg 1 liter coconut nectar. This is a precautionary withdrawal due to the presence of the matter within a specific ingredient (guar gum). However, this should not alarm the other products of the brand are not contaminated.

So, those who have purchased these foods / supplements must absolutely not consume them and can safely return them to the store where they bought them. A rather important practice to be carried out in such a way that the articles end their cycle without harming anyone.

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On the official website of the supermarket brand in the notices section there are Images, which can be crucial in these cases. The link which refers to the seizure notice by the Ministry of Health.

A correct application of the practice that can help many people to avoid unpleasant consequences. In any case, the pages of the department in question always provide all the detailed information.


Food references full week Esselunga

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