“F *** me”. The joke ends in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano

“F *** me”. The joke ends in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano
“F *** me”. The joke ends in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano

The joke is good if it doesn’t last long. In life and even on TV. Sabrina Ferilli, sworn by You are worth it, gets angry with a guest of the “Corrida” of Canale 5 and unexpectedly harsh words fly into the studio. The little man dressed in red returns who in the course of the first episode had been literally whipped by Ferilli, particularly annoyed. In the second episode, another disagreement. Sabrina is targeted with balls and the Roman actress, also famous for her brusque and truthful jokes, takes it personally: “Look at that I’m still and I do a carnage“.

The “joke game” with Ferilli in the part of the sacrificial victim is one of the funniest moments of You are worth it, precisely because the interpreter of the Great Beauty quickly tends to “forget” that he is in front of the cameras, acting and speaking accordingly. In short, anything can happen. To every question posed by the perfidious Gerry Scotti and to which Sabrina does not know how to answer correctly, here is raining colored balls on her.

And when someone takes it more violently than expected, a loud protest goes off: “These balls hurt!”. But Maria De Filippi e Rudy Zerbi keep laughing at it, as if nothing had happened.

In confirmation of how Ferilli is always the favorite target of colleagues, De Filippi also made an irony on the trolley used by Ferilli to arrive in transmission. The initials are written on the briefcase S.F.R., with the last letter which stands for “Rome”, the great love of Sabrina. “But on my mica it says Maria De Filippi from Pavia”, provokes the presenter of Men and women. “I don’t care what other people do”, is the reply of the actress friend.

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