“No compromises, they can’t stop us”. Do you know who he is? Resounding case – Libero Quotidiano

“No compromises, they can’t stop us”. Do you know who he is? Resounding case – Libero Quotidiano
“No compromises, they can’t stop us”. Do you know who he is? Resounding case – Libero Quotidiano

The participation of Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò at the manifestation of No green pass in Piazza San Giovanni. Schilirò is not just any one: it is a Deputy Chief of Police, formerly head of the sexual violence section of the Mobile team Roman and now under the Criminalpol. A very respectable curriculum that also allowed her to land in the publishing world with novels on female distress. On Covid, vaccines and the Green pass, however, he is in total opposition. So convinced by the “barricades” to want to go up on stage and speak.

“I don’t know how I did it, but I think people need real words: the green pass is illegitimate“, he later explained to the site Byoblu, one of the reference points of the “counter-information” on the Net and has therefore become a sounding board for the most heretical positions, from those who oppose vaccines to those who “simply” say no to the green certificate. Participation, as always, divides the sources: 3,000 demonstrators according to the Police Headquarters, even “1000 thousand” according to the organizers. Certainly, however, more than the number of people in the square weigh the words of Schilirò, who represents the law but takes to the streets against it. A nice short circuit.

“I did not make a speech for my profession, it is irrelevant, I did it for anyone who felt discriminated against – defends the official -. I was everyone and nobody. I am a person who loves his country and the beauties of the world,” And I will always fight for them“After a few hours, Saturday evening, according to reports from the Corriere della Sera was initiated by the Department of Ps a disciplinary action on the facts of San Giovanni.

“Fortunately, articles 17 and 21 of the Constitution come to my aid – assures Schilirò -: I have spoken as a free citizen, the top management will not have liked. A friend advised me not to speak. ‘Think about career, so much evil has already won. Think of Falcone and Borsellino, ‘he told me. But I replied that in the end in history evil has always lost, otherwise we would not be here “.” I exercised my rights and my profession is public – he concludes -, nobody can accuse me of anything. I swore on the Constitution and I’m not afraid of anything: on the green pass no compromises. For a sentence from the judiciary it will take time, but we citizens can do a lot: there are millions of us without a permit, if we stay at home, how does the country go? “. From protest (legitimate, when peaceful) to blackmail: the situation has now escaped but no.

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