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Seats open in Germany for the legislative elections that will mark the aftermath of Merkel: the name of the successor of the chancellor who remained in power for 16 years will come out of the polls, a challenge to the last vote between the social democrat Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet of the CDU-CSU. Voting began this morning at 8 am Italian time and will end at 6 pm.

The new German Bundestag will presumably take office on 26 October. This was unanimously established by the Aeltestenrat, the Council of Elders of the Chamber of Deputies, made up of the directors and parliamentary groups of all parties. This is the last possible day, according to the constitution, which provides thirty days for the first session of the deputies who will be elected by today’s vote in Germany. The parliamentary groups will start forming as early as next week and their first task will be to elect the group leaders. The outgoing Bundestag has 709 parliamentarians, the next could range from an assembly of 672 to 912 members, due to the compensation mechanism provided by the complex German electoral system based on two votes, one for the party and the other for direct mandates.

“Every vote counts, your vote counts. This is why I ask you: go and vote,” he said the President of the Republic Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in a speech in Bild am Sonntag, on the day of the federal elections. The president has gone to his seat in Berlin, where he is voting. “Whoever votes participates, whoever does not vote lets others decide”, added the head of state on the tabloid.


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Germany vote legislative elections Europe

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