“Forza Italia irreplaceable, it can lead the country after 2023”

“Forza Italia irreplaceable, it can lead the country after 2023”
“Forza Italia irreplaceable, it can lead the country after 2023”

“Forza Italia, we must be convinced, it is irreplaceable and essential for a center-right capable of winning and governing. Only with Forza Italia, strong in numbers and ideas, can the center-right aspire to lead the major Italian municipalities today and tomorrow of the whole country after 2023 “. Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi said this in a phone call during the ‘Forza Milano!’ organized by Forza Italia to support the center-right candidate, Luca Bernardo.

Speaking of the administrative elections, the cav then thanked “from the bottom of his heart for what you are doing in this short and difficult electoral campaign. The commitment and dedication are fundamental to bring back the good governance of the center-right to Milan and to give Forza Italia the consensus it deserves “.

Milan needs a change, must go back to being a welcoming and supportive city, able to meet the challenge of other European metropolises, not only in luxury areas but also in neighborhoods “, said the leader of Forza Italia.” Milan can be much more than this – underlined Berlusconi – we are the most important city in Italy for culture, scientific research, artistic activities and we have the right and the duty to change. This is why we chose Bernardo, a person who has shown concreteness, humanity, organizational capacity with scientific skills, love for others and for children “.

“Since Forza Italia was born in 1994, Milan has profoundly changed with avant-garde neighborhoods, Expo and all the initiatives created by our center-right administrations. All this would not have been possible without the Albertini and Moratti councils. of income on the legacy of the past, inaugurated our works “, Berlusconi said, remarking that” after 10 years of the left our legacy is running out, if Milan still retains its modern, glossy and fashionable image under this there is very little. There are no plans for the future, there is no attention for the weak, the elderly are left to fend for themselves, security is not guaranteed and petty crime is widespread. The administration has pursued an environmentalism of way with cycle paths that have damaged traders without making cyclists safe “.


Forza Italia irreplaceable lead country

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