WEATHER CHRONICLE. An Atlantic front breaks out, rains and even violent storms return. Situation and forecasts «3B Meteo

WEATHER CHRONICLE. An Atlantic front breaks out, rains and even violent storms return. Situation and forecasts «3B Meteo
WEATHER CHRONICLE. An Atlantic front breaks out, rains and even violent storms return. Situation and forecasts «3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy

BAD WEATHER IN THE GENOESE Hinterland. It continues to rain on the inland areas of central-eastern Liguria and on the Genoese areas there are pluviometric accumulations of up to 130mm from midnight. Intent rains and thunderstorms are also affecting the Ponente and the Spezzino at lunchtime, while they go eastwards involving Emilia, Lombardy and western Veneto.

TOWARDS 100MM IN LIGURIA. It continues to rain in Liguria with rains and thunderstorms that are concentrated above all on the eastern Genoese area. On the inland areas, the pluviometric accumulations are now almost i 100m in the course of the morning. At the same time showers and thunderstorms have reached all of Lombardy and the west of Emilia, while from France the most active part of the front is about to reach the western Alps.

In the following video the situation in the hinterland of Sestri Levante (GE):

SITUATION. The anticyclone that has been protecting the southern latitudes of the continent for days is losing blows under the pressure of the Atlantic flow, with a front that has reached our northern regions giving life to an unstable Sunday starting from the north-western regions. This is a worsening characterized by rains and thunderstorms that from the north-western regions will extend to the Triveneto and part of central Italy during the day, especially to Tuscany. The rest of Italy, on the other hand, remains under the protection of the other pressure present in the Mediterranean latitudes, with stable weather and a still warm climate, practically summer in the South.

Weather Sunday

TEMPORALS IN LIGURIA. The most affected region is currently Liguria, struggling with rains and showers, including thunderstorms, which are concentrating in the Genoese hinterland, where pluviometric accumulations of over 60mm are recorded towards the border with Piedmont.

STRONG REVERSE ON WEST LOMBARDY. The most advanced part of the front reached western Lombardy in the early hours of the morning, with heavy showers and showers in transit on Pavese and Lomellina, while some showers linger in Piedmont between Turin and Cuneo.

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. In the north bad weather from the morning on Valle d’Aosta, Liguria, Piedmont and western Lombardy with rains and thunderstorms, especially in Liguria on the Genoese; increasing cloudiness over Emilia Romagna and Triveneto but with still isolated phenomena, but intensifying during the day above all on the central sector of the Po Valley where they can also be strong and sometimes hail, then in attenuation by evening starting from Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. In the center, locally strong rains and thunderstorms will arrive in Tuscany later in the morning, elsewhere major openings with some rain on northern Sardinia. Between afternoon and evening rains and showers on the rest of Tuscany and in Umbria, more isolated on the Marche, still absent between Lazio and Abruzzo with some rain at night on the upper Lazio. In the South, skies clouded by the transit of medium-high and stratified clouds, without phenomena. Temperatures decreasing in the North, stable in the Center except for local increases on the Adriatic, slightly and further increasing in the South. Maximums no more than 20/22 ° C in the Northwest, at 26/28 ° C in the Center with peaks of 30 ° C on Lazio. Even over 30 ° C in the South with peaks of 34 ° C in Puglia. Southern winds, rough seas, very rough Ionian and Canals. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy.

The weather forecasts are constantly updated, consult the updates also in our specific forecast maps on the Italian territory.

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