Weather, Sunday 26 of bad weather in the Center-North: risk of heavy rains

Weather, Sunday 26 of bad weather in the Center-North: risk of heavy rains
Weather, Sunday 26 of bad weather in the Center-North: risk of heavy rains

Gradual weather worsening on Sunday 26 in the North, part of the Center and Sardinia due to the arrival of a disturbance (the n.5 of September) which is already bringing some rains and thunderstorms to the North-West, also extending to the North-East, Tuscany and neighboring areas during the day today. Precipitation will be locally intense, especially in the sector between Liguria and Tuscany. On the southern regions, however, the presence ofAfrican high pressure it will still guarantee conditions of sunny weather and summer climate with temperatures that, in various areas, can reach peaks above 30 degrees.

Between Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 the disturbance, moving away towards the east, will further favor some residual instability first on the central and north-eastern regions on Monday, then on the southern ones on Tuesday. The cooler currents behind the perturbation will help to reduce temperatures, first in the Center and by Tuesday also in the South. In the following days, these same currents will cause temporary unstable phases along the peninsula.

The weather forecast for Sunday 26

Scattered rains and locally intense thunderstorms starting from the North-West, but rapidly extending to Emilia and Tuscany, and subsequently, between afternoon and evening, also to the North-East, Umbria, Marche and upper Lazio. Scattered clouds also in Sardinia but with little risk of rain. Sunny weather in Abruzzo, Molise, South and Sicily.

Maximum temperatures decreasing in the North-West and in Tuscany, with a further slight increase in the South: summer heat in the southern regions and part of the Center with peaks around 30 degrees and locally even slightly higher. Southern winds, sometimes moderate on the western seas.

The weather forecast for Monday 27

Variable cloud cover throughout the country, with even moments of sunny weather. Over the course of the day possible isolated showers and thunderstorms on Veneto, Friuli, central Adriatic regions, Umbria, Lazio, Campania and northern Puglia.

Maximum temperatures slightly rising in the North-West, instead decreasing in the Center, Campania and Sardinia: still summer values ​​in the South and in Sicily. Mainly light winds, mostly from the west or north-west.

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