“Laura Ziliani died of suffocating with a pillow in her sleep”: the hypothesis of the investigators – Corriere.it

“Laura Ziliani died of suffocating with a pillow in her sleep”: the hypothesis of the investigators – Corriere.it
“Laura Ziliani died of suffocating with a pillow in her sleep”: the hypothesis of the investigators – Corriere.it

The policeman was stunned, but not killed by the drugs. Now it is necessary to see what elements about the corpse can still be found to support the thesis of non-violent suffocation. His daughters Silvia and Paola and Mirto Milani are in prison

While waiting for the director of the forensic medicine institute of the Civil Hospital of Brescia, Andrea Verzeletti, to file his final report, the most credible hypothesis by investigators since the preliminary results of the toxicological tests arrived: the night between 7 and 8 May last, Laura Ziliani she would be drugged with benzodiazepines and then killed in her sleep, probably from non-violent suffocation (no marks on the body), unable to defend herself after being drugged. And they would be giving it to him the daughters Silvia and Paola Zani, 27 and 19 years old, and the boyfriend of the same age as the eldest, Mirto Milani
, arrested at dawn on Friday for aggravated voluntary homicide and body concealment. To substantially render the 55-year-old ex-securitywoman, whose body was found on the morning of 8 August along the bank of the Oglio river in Temu, essentially helpless, a mix of anxiolytics that the consultants of the prosecutor define potentially suitable to compromise the defense capacity against external harmful insults, but the quantitative measurements of the compound also allow to exclude it may have had a direct role in determining the arrest of the vital functions of Laura Ziliani.

When they found her she was wearing only panties and tank top, typical sleeping clothing (as confirmed by her partner). This is why it is assumed that she was killed in her sleep. Once reduced to a semi-comatose state, such as to drastically reduce the number of breaths per minute, it would have been enough to plug her nostrils, or place a pillow over her face, to prevent her from breathing further without too much effort. However, it remains to be ascertained which elements on the corpse can definitively confirm this thesis. The amount of hypnotic – in this case bromazepam – administered orally, according to resuscitation specialists, however able to induce a very deep state of hypnosis. So deep that the victim’s breaths per minute decrease: by breathing less frequently, blood oxygen saturation is also likely to drop, below a critical threshold level that can also decrease the number of heartbeats. Up to causing cardiac arrest (bradycardia to the point that the heart then stops). So if bromazepam itself is not a deadly agent, it could still indirectly have triggered a series of physiological reactions which then become decisive in death. Or that at least they facilitated the active intervention, for those who investigate, of the three boys.

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Laura Ziliani died suffocating pillow sleep hypothesis investigators Corriereit

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