Turin municipal elections, the center-right candidate Paolo Damilano and the “conflict of interest”. The aspiring mayor: “All legal”

Turin municipal elections, the center-right candidate Paolo Damilano and the “conflict of interest”. The aspiring mayor: “All legal”
Turin municipal elections, the center-right candidate Paolo Damilano and the “conflict of interest”. The aspiring mayor: “All legal”

If elected mayor in Turin, the center-right candidate Paolo Damilano risks to lapse due to his office, that of president of the Turin Piedmont Film Commission, a body established among others by the Municipality of Turin and the Piedmont Region, which appointed it. The radicals of the Adelaide Aglietta association and the regional councilor of Leu Marco Grimaldi have denounced it for some time. ended with the approval of the financial statements, which took place at the end of June, and since then 45 days have elapsed extension“, However there is a sentence of the Supreme Court for which the forfeiture” must be ascertained with an act of the body “, but there is no trace of this decision.

The councilor stressed that “Damilano would still have had to resign from office or take steps to have his forfeiture declared”, but the entrepreneur lent to politics reassures: “My lawyers followed the matter and saw that everything took place in the most total legality – he declared to Ansa -. I followed the legal process to leave the Film Commission “. Grimaldi, however, points out that “well after August 16, his name and image appeared in articles and posts on Facebook about events in which he participated as president of the Film commission – he said in the classroom -. Didn’t you find five minutes to resign, thus exposing the city to the risk of elections next year? ”. “By law, he could have rectified his position by September 4, the last day set for the presentation of candidacies, but having not done so he is in a position of ineligibility”, says Igor Boni, exponent of the radical association Adelaide Aglietta and candidate for the last primary of the center.

In the past, Boni had publicly stated that the entrepreneur “has on his shoulders a conflict of interest which is a very heavy anvil ”and does not only concern his position in the public body. Until a few days ago Damilano had top management positions in many companies of the Damilano Group Spa, the group of companies of his family. Among these, one of the most important is the company Pontevecchio srl, a company with a turnover of 52 million in 2019 whose main activity is the production of bottled mineral water. Has seven brands, including Valmora, sponsor of the Giro d’Italia and the next ATP Finals in Turin. In 2019 Pontevecchio – as emerges from the electoral reports of the 2019 Regionals consulted by ilfattoquotidiano.it – ​​allocated ten thousand euros to support two candidates: 5 thousand euros went to Alberto Cirio, exponent of Forza Italia and president of the Region, and another 5 thousand euros ad Andrea Cerutti, councilor of the League, parties that now support his candidacy together with the Brothers of Italy.

According to Boni, the interests of his company would place Damilano in a conflict of interest because the brands own six concessions out of the 46 total established by the Piedmont Region. “This is a very profitable business for the Pontevecchio company (over 50 million in turnover for over 4 million in profits) in the face of concessions at a ridiculously low price”, explained the radical. There is not only this: by becoming mayor of Turin, Damilano would also be the head of the metropolitan city, which issues authorizations on the basis of a regional law, the same that requires mineral water companies to pay fees both to the province and to the region. “If Damilano were to become mayor he will be the head of the body that provides permits and concessions to Pontevecchio srl where he is now part of the board of directors (until recently CEO) and his brother president,” Boni said in August.

From a certificate of incorporation it emerges that on 10 September Damilano registered his resignation as director and CEO of Pontevecchio. In the same days he signed the resignation of many other positions in his companies, real estate companies, restaurants and the beverage trade, keeping only that of director and CEO of Damilano Immobiliare.

The controversy on the conflict of interest, however, is not destined to subside: “If he were to be elected – says Boni -, a popular action could be taken, a civil case with which to contest the violation of the consolidated text of local authorities on incompatibilities” . The Turin radicals in 2014 had promoted one against Maurizio Marrone, at the time regional councilor of the Brothers of Italy and now regional councilor: he had not resigned from a public office before the presentation of the candidacy, so the judges declared him incompatible by decreeing the forfeiture.

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