today it looks just like that

today it looks just like that
today it looks just like that

When he participated in Vite al Limite he was only 23 years old and already weighed 310 kg: his story is shocking, today it shows just like that.

Vite al Limite, weighed 310 kg at just 23 years old: here it is today. Photo Source: Youtube

There are so many stories that have been told over the course of these nine seasons of Lives on the Limit, yet this one that we will explain to you in a very short time is among those that most left you with bated breath. Joined the Real Time program a only 23 years old and with a weight that reached 313 kg, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient had a rather shocking story behind her. Like all his other colleagues, you are right!

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According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that Nicole began to have this obsessive compulsive relationship with food very young. When, due to bad relations with her mother and the drug addiction of both her parents, the young woman used to take out all her anger in food. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and with her becoming a mother, things have not improved at all. And, fearing that her children might lose her at any moment, she preferred to get back in shape. How has it become today? Look at it a bit.

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Vite al Limite, at only 23 it already weighed 310 kg: today it is unrecognizable, look at it here

Nicole Lewis has decided to take part in Lives to the Limit for his excessive desire to get back in shape. He was 23 years old, two children to look after and a weight that reached 310 kg and that did not allow her to lead a normal life at all. Hence, therefore, the decision to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help to regain possession of his life.

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Unfortunately, in the middle of her journey to the clinic, Nicole had to abandon the program for an immediate return to Ohio, the city where she lived and where, it says, she was evicted. Despite this, however, it would seem that Lewis’s willpower and willpower was stronger than everything. And today, as his photos on Instagram show, he is in better shape than ever.

Photo source: instagram

Nicole’s story, without a doubt, can be a lesson for many people.

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