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Florence, 26 September 2021 – “Once with 10,000 lire of gasoline, you traveled 100 kilometers. Now with 5 euros of petrol you go from one gas station to the next. “In one of his many sketches, the comedian Diego Parassole thus made fun of the price of fuel for cars, which continues to change day by day, aiming more and more upwards. In recent days, even, the cost of diesel and petrol has reached its highest peak in the last seven years, with an overall annual cost of fuel which, according to a study by the consumer union, could rise by more than 350 euros per car.

We did a field test, seeing the prices of distributors in the city that have not yet suffered too much the national price increase, and those who have already strongly raised the price. Speculation weighs on fuel costs, but above all VAT and excise duties. Prices petrol and diesel net of taxes it is lower in Italy by 3.5 cents: on every single liter of gasoline purchased in Italy, 1.016 euros goes into taxes due to the weight of VAT and excise duties, which account for 63.6% of the petrol and 60.4% on diesel.

Compared to 2020, 14 euros more are spent for a full tank of petrol and 12.5 euros for one of diesel. A real blow to the pockets of motorists, forced to survive despite a very high cost. Turning among the distributors in Florence, we find some very cheap and others with prices out of the market, well-stocked areas with a lot of choice and others forced to refuel from a single pump, despite the decidedly disadvantageous prices.


We took into consideration the prices on 25 September, taking the “self service” service as good, where there is no increase in labor costs. Starting from the most well-stocked areas and with the greatest choice, it is impossible not to mention the “Petrol Valley” of the city, which is certainly via Senese, in the stretch after the Two Roads up to Galluzzo, where there are 10 stations within a few hundred meters. .

Here is the cheapest gas station in all of Florence, the Tamoil of Galluzzo. It touches the record figure of 1,583 euros per liter for gasoline (over 31 liters with 50 euros) and 1,429 euros / liter for diesel. This figure is a small record, because always for the same date, the average price for Italy is 1,717 euros / liter for gasoline (a couple of liters less for a ‘fifty’ than the Galluzzo) and 1,566 for the diesel. The same goes for the Isolotto and Ponte a Greve area, from Viale Nenni to the end of Viale Talenti. Here the best is the Tamoil in via del Sansovino, where petrol is € 1,598 / L and diesel is € 1,435 / L, closely followed by neighbors and neighbors, settling as another convenient area for refueling.

Other distributors where the price is still advantageous and below the national average are scattered in many peripheral areas of the city, such as Esso in Rovezzano (petrol 1.629 € / L and diesel 1.499 € / L), Eni di Castello (petrol 1.619 € / L and diesel 1,489 € / L) and the Tamoil in Viale Europa (petrol 1,607 € / L and diesel 1,497 € / L). The most difficult and least well-stocked area is certainly the center, also understandably given the smaller influx of cars due to the LTZ.

However, the closest distributors in the tourist areas are also those with the highest prices in the city. Record in this special ranking for the pump weather in Piazza Ferrucci, with petrol reaching 2.004 euros per liter, while diesel stops shortly before, at 1.951. It follows the IP of via della Rondinella, with € 1,994 / L for petrol and 1,941 for diesel. To close the podium of the delayed another of the distributors most frequented by the residents of the center, the Esso of piazzale Donatello, with its 1,899 € / L of petrol and 1,894 € / L of diesel.

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