assembly two days after the vote in Rome. Coup on subsidiaries? – The weather

assembly two days after the vote in Rome. Coup on subsidiaries? – The weather
assembly two days after the vote in Rome. Coup on subsidiaries? – The weather

Susanna Novelli

September 25, 2021

It had never happened before. But the rest of the “undisclosed” this Five-Star administration leaves several in five, very long, years of mandate. Thus, on 29 and 30 September, that is to say two days before the vote for the renewal of mayor, city council and municipalities, a double session of the Capitoline Assembly is convened, from 9 to 13.30 next Wednesday and from 9 to 14.30 on Thursday . Never had there been so late in the approval (mandatory) of the 2020 consolidated financial statements and a change in the 2021-2023 financial statements. One wonders which of the 48 councilors, all involved in closing the electoral campaign, will appear in the classroom for the vote and, considering that the Grillina majority had already collapsed months ago, if it will be possible to approve the resolutions in the order of business. And it is not so much the “formal” act of the budget that is worrying, but what was put on the agenda on September 30th: the approval of the Farmacap financial statements and the «first update of the resolution of the Capitoline Assembly no. 214 of 30 December 2020 concerning the “periodic rationalization of the public shareholdings of first and second level Rome Capital”.

Now, if you often think wrongly, there are those who see in this anomalous convocation of the Assembly a last, desperate attempt to bring to an end the merger of Farmacap with Zétema and the lethal blow on Roma Metropolitane which in the project grillino should be merged with the Capitoline Department of Mobility. On the latter, in fact, despite the pressing demands of the unions, it has not been possible to know if the 27 dozen employees will have a salary. This in the face of a possible “push” by the board of statutory auditors to the liquidator to actually bring the “books to court” despite a 2.9 million euro order just signed by the head of the Mobility and Transport Department of Rome Capital in his own favor of Rome Metropolitane.

“We will not accept any tailback a few days, even hours, from the administrative elections – thunders the Uiltrasporti Lazio regional secretary, Alessandro Bonfigli – we ask for immediate clarity on the salaries of employees and that any financial resources of Roma Metropolitane be used to pay for work, as well as the amount owed by the sole shareholder, that is the Capitol, for the activities carried out and which have not yet been paid. Common sense would like to suggest to all those involved to refrain from any stance at this time, in order not to limit or alter the range of action of those who, in a few days, will have the full legitimacy to govern and set the strategies they deem most appropriate. “.

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