From Space the latest anti-contagion weapon in kindergartens and nursery schools

CREMONA – It’s coming from space the latest weapon against Covid that the Municipality of Cremona has decided to adopt to make the schools of its competence safer: it is machines with cold plasma ion technology capable of killing the virus present in a closed environment in 30 minutes.

They will be installed in nurseries and nurseries: at the moment, those who will benefit from these innovative equipment for constant air purification will be eight school realities, particularly Agazzi, Aporti, Castello and Gallina. The expected expenditure, and already authorized with executive decision of 24 September, is 85 thousand euros. The supply and installation of the equipment was entrusted to the Alfa Water company in Sedico (Belluno).

On paper it is state-of-the-art innovative systems for the sanitation of interior spaces also adopted by space agencies for astronauts: in the space station, in fact, there is a need to reduce the bacterial load without making a closed and restricted environment unhealthy.

The phenomenon of ionization, NTP (Non thermal plasma), according to various studies, would be able to reduce the viral load of Sars-Cov-2 to 99.99% without being harmful to humans and, again according to experts, pit could also be used in Covid and non-Covid hospital wards.

HOW DOES IT WORK. Without going into technicalities, NTP is based on the “phenomenon of ionization that is generated at room temperature using air as a gaseous mixture and transforming it into an ionized gas made up of various electrically charged particles, the reactivity of the particles then causes oxidation phenomena in able to break down volatile organic compounds, bacteria, microorganisms and odors ». Destroying them.

We have decided to take this step because the safety of schools at the moment does not only involve structural interventions

In Italy, the University of Padua also thought about testing the technology developed by Jonix spa (set up precisely for the industrialization of this method) and verified the solution and came to the conclusion that “cold plasma technology eliminates the Coronavirus ».

Returning to Cremona, the interest in these machines was born with the aim of applying the NTP to the places that cause most concern: schools. Nests and maternal in particular, given that the youngest still cannot be vaccinated and, at the same time, they represent one of the main vectors of propagation of the virus.

Cremona will be among the first cities to take this step. And confidence in this cutting-edge technology is very high: “We have decided to take this step because the safety of schools at the moment does not only involve structural interventions – underlines the deputy mayor. Andrea Virgilio, whose sector has purchased the machinery and is ready to invest additional resources -. This is only the first step and the first investment. We asked the Ministry for a loan of 200,000 euros to be able to continue with the project and install the machines in all the schools under our jurisdiction. But if the state funds do not arrive, the Municipality is ready to budget its own resources ».

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