Scoreboard Spezia-Milan, the votes of the Gazzetta: Kalulu sprinta, Leao decisive

Scoreboard Spezia-Milan, the votes of the Gazzetta: Kalulu sprinta, Leao decisive
Scoreboard Spezia-Milan, the votes of the Gazzetta: Kalulu sprinta, Leao decisive

The report cards of Spezia-Milan 1-2, match of the 6th day of the Serie A 2021-2022. Rossoneri votes and judgments according to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’

Daniele Triolo

September 26
– Milano

The report cards of Spezia 1-2 Milan, match of the 6th day of the Serie A 2021-2022, with the Rossoneri’s marks and judgments second ‘The Gazzetta dello Sport‘today on newsstands. Best in the line of the Devil, vote 7, has been Alexis Saelemaekers: “At 86 ‘he has the leg to snatch, resist every impact and serve Diaz a comfortable goal ball. The Belgian still decisive. The centralizations and the successful attempts as an added attacking midfielder are increasingly evident.”

Four other Rossoneri players, then, have remedied a 7 in the report cards of this Spezia-Milan. Let’s start with Pierre Kalulu: “Challenge Bastoni to those who sprint and cross more. Kalulu’s two top moments: the decisive defensive end in the first half final and the perfect assist for Maldini’s 1-0”. Continue with Daniel maldini: “The goal that breaks the 0-0 could have (should?) Have been scored by Giroud: a header from a top-notch striker. Can be seen as an attacking midfielder, sometimes he exaggerates with embroidery”.

Next, then, with Rafael Leao: “Seven shots and the opening game for Kalulu, hence the goal from Maldini. The blow to return with which he hits the post is beautiful, a high school number. Leao in the match, not on the sidelines”. Closing, therefore, with the match-winner Brahim Diaz: “He enters and resolves, like a real starter, what he has become. How much Díaz has risen in a year. He is no longer just a playful attacking midfielder, he has become a real, essential player.”

Vote 6,5, then, in the Spezia-Milan report cards of the stadium ‘Peak‘for the Rossoneri coach Stefano Pioli: “The usual difficulties against closed teams. He wins again with the substitutions, like Wednesday against Venezia. First Leao and then Díaz innervate the attack. Three significant points, he had lost the Scudetto here in February”. Same coach vote, 6,5, also for two other players of the Devil. The first is Mike Maignan (“The necessary saves, without hesitation. Increasing safety in the exits. The usual precision in throwing with the feet. He is beaten only by Tonali’s deviation on Green’s shot”).


The second is Sandro Tonali (“Less” beautiful “and flashy than some recent appearances, but it is the AC Milan player who touches the greatest number of balls (98). We are not at” Tonali-centrism “, but we are on our way”). Rating 6, full enough, therefore, in the report cards of Spezia-Milan for Fikayo Tomori (“He rejects Nzola, at first with some difficulty because he seems to limp a little. Then the ache vanishes and he regains his full physicality. The Strelec novelty surprises him a little”) and Alessio Romagnoli (“Very present at the pass, on the short. Careful in the defensive phase. With Tomori at his side, he plays more calmly because he knows he has a parachute on recoveries. He is a less dispersive Romagnoli”).

But also for Theo Hernandez (“Antiste makes him nervous, to the point that in shielding a ball towards the back Theo throws the boy on a board. When he has room, he runs away, but it doesn’t happen often”). Here, then, the painful notes at the Rossoneri begin with the first shortcomings in the report cards of the ‘rosea‘for this Spezia-Milan. Rating 5.5, in fact, for Franck Kessie (“It is in a period in which it is no longer able to impose its own strength and many read us a regression from non-renewal of the contract. We do not believe that it is so. It has” pulled “for months, now it rests”) and Pietro Pellegri (“It is right that Pioli let him play, there is no other way, if Milan want to find Pellegri, the beautiful promise of a few years ago. They give themselves a shot on goal. Passettini forward”).

Vote 5, finally, for Ante Rebic (“Wide to the left, after games in which he played as first striker. The decentralization depresses him, he finds it difficult to find the coordinates, he does not focus the goal. A momentary decline, hopefully”) and for the worst in the field according to the national newspaper, that is Olivier Giroud (“We don’t know how much Covid or the subsequent back problem has to do with it, but in La Spezia a Giroud in a light pole version. He sleeps on a pass by Kessié and the whites fly away for a dangerous counterattack”). Assault by Maldini and Massara on the new jewel of European football >>>

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