Jenson Button really likes being a ‘coachbuilder’ – Mondo Auto

Jenson Button really likes being a ‘coachbuilder’ – Mondo Auto
Jenson Button really likes being a ‘coachbuilder’ – Mondo Auto

The 2009 Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button is one of the major contributors to the operation Radford, which in the UK is bringing a very famous name back into business in the field of bodywork customization. The original company, founded by Harold Radford in 1948, accompanied the main cars of the hottest British brands for many years, from Bentleys to Rolls-Royces, from Aston Martins to Minis, with very special versions. In addition to Jenson Button, the other partners involved in the relaunch are Ant Anstead, former mechanic of the TV show Affari a Quattro Ruote (Wheeler Dealers) in which he became co-host after the departure of Edd China; and Mark Stubbs, a designer who has worked for Aston Martin, Bentley, Ford, General Motors and Nissan.

Button is also part of the team as the official test driver of the cars, based on Lotus, which have been peeping out since the start of business last March.. Several versions of the 62-2 have already been launched, some with iconic liveries from Lotus history. The enthusiasm, according to what Autocar gathered, is palpable: “It’s really exciting for me to develop a car from scratch. Ayrton Senna did it with the Honda NSX, and was then the only F1 driver to have so much influence on a road car. Many others have just put the name on it, others have worked on some details; but to be truly involved in an automotive project is something simply beautiful for an enthusiast like me“.

The great thing about Radford is that it’s close to where I live. It takes me 45 minutes when there isn’t a lot of traffic, two hours when it’s bad … but it’s one of those things that I really care about, I feel part of the project and it makes a big differenceButton said. His opinions are integral to the development of the car: Anstead revealed that sometimes it is enough to show the driver the design of a car to have prompt and valuable feedback.

Of the Radford 62-2, Button speaks like this: “I had a role in some modifications, like precisely on the rear which initially appeared too ‘Breadvan’, too similar to the Lotus Europa. However, I have enormous respect for designers. I don’t know how they manage to take the lines of a classic car, transforming it into a modern car without changing its highlights. In this case it is a car that was fashionable 20 years ago and will still be beautiful in 20 years. It certainly doesn’t seem to come from the time of the original, even if it takes inspiration from it“.

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Jenson Button likes coachbuilder Mondo Auto

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