“Oh my God what does …”. Competitor tries to kiss Ferilli

“Oh my God what does …”. Competitor tries to kiss Ferilli
“Oh my God what does …”. Competitor tries to kiss Ferilli

A You are worth it there is no shortage of unscheduled events. Between surprise gags and jokes orchestrated by the authors, it also happens that a competitor tries to kiss one of the judges on the mouth. Like this Sabrina Ferilli it ended up being the object of the special attention of a 26-year-old boy, who presented himself in the talent as a cantorsionist.

Antonio Avitto, 26, arrived in the studio and immediately attracted attention. With the playful gait and Neapolitan exuberance, the young man presented himself with a performance halfway between singing and contortionism. The judges quickly realized that the performance was going to be fun. The competitor began to sing to the notes of a piece by Gigi D’Alessio and, after a few moments, he sat down putting both legs behind his head. A forced and unnatural position that left you speechless Gerry Scotti e Rudy Zerbi, especially since shortly after – in an attempt to return to normal position – the 26-year-old risked falling.

Oh my what he risked! If it falls, everything breaks“, exclaimed Zerbi seeking the attention of Maria De Filippi during theexhibition by Avitto. In the end, the young man was unable to conquer the four “vales” of the judges, preferring to enter the Scuderia Scotti, a race parallel to the talent, which focuses on the whims of some competitors. Before saying goodbye to the audience present in the studio, Gerry Scotti wanted to let him know the percentage of approval of the spectators through the mouth of Sabrina Ferilli. Before leaving, however, the competitor greeted the president of the popular jury closely. Approaching Sabrina Ferilli to kiss her on the cheek, however, something went wrong. In offering him first one cheek and then the other, Antonio paused on the actress’s mouth, trying to steal a kiss on the lips.

An approach that is anything but studied, which made Sabrina Ferilli jump. The actress, taken aback, tried to move away from the young man’s face, exclaiming in surprise: “Oh my God what is he doing ?! What a mischievous“. The reaction of the actress has enticed the competitor to the almost obvious reply: “Well, I’m single“. A nice unscheduled that ignited Twitter, where the ironic tweets about what happened were wasted:”Actually Sabrina Ferilli’s desire to make out is great “,” But the competitor who would like to kiss Sabrina Ferilli in the mouth? You understand!“All exalted except the Roman actress who, more and more often, ends up at the center of gags and jokes in the program.


God Competitor kiss Ferilli

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