The mni house is a real opportunity for the future: it costs only 1000 euros

The mni house is a real opportunity for the future: it costs only 1000 euros
The mni house is a real opportunity for the future: it costs only 1000 euros

An innovative vision of things. Resized spaces and attention only to the functionality of the environment.

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One of the problems that most ails the citizens of practically every big city is the one concerning the house. Rents, in large cities, are often prohibitive, the purchase of a immobile in certain circumstances it is practically impossible for someone who does a humble job. According to some, the solution could lie in the new conception of spaces. The unique environment optimization for revolutionize the whole system.

Not to mention what are now called developing countries development. In those cases we are still talking about a large part of the active population concentrated in real shanty town. It goes without saying, therefore, that the housing problem is quite serious. Even Italy from this point of view is not doing very well, with a still significant percentage of citizens forced to not have a fixed residence, conditioned from dynamics of all kinds.

Home, that of the future will not admit useless spaces: everything will be concentrated

The solution, the one by far more sustainable it is precisely a sort of mini apartment. A concentrate of what we are used to calling home in just a few square meters. A prefabricated, more comfortable than ever, to assemble and very economical. Prices are around 1000 euros, to be precise. The unbridled optimization of the entire environment can lead the terrace to become a real one garden.

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The dream eco friendly, seasoned with solar panels and a negligible consumption of water, could lead the citizen to consider the possibility of living in rural areas, for example, or perhaps a few steps from the sea. There mini house it can also represent a right option for expanding the space of one’s home, inventing a guest room for example, or perhaps creating an environment to later rent on the various dedicated online portals. A real Revolution. Respect for the environment, cost reduction and space optimization and the possibility of being placed practically wherever you want. If this is not innovation. The solution to one of the problems that most afflicts the world population.


mni house real opportunity future costs euros

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