Mourinho: “I think Vina will be there. I’m not saying who I will put in Pellegrini’s place. Do the second lines play little? I aim for stability”

Mourinho: “I think Vina will be there. I’m not saying who I will put in Pellegrini’s place. Do the second lines play little? I aim for stability”
Mourinho: “I think Vina will be there. I’m not saying who I will put in Pellegrini’s place. Do the second lines play little? I aim for stability”

These are the words in the press conference of Jose Mourinho, technician of the Robut, on the eve of the derby against Lazio.

Feelings towards the derby?
“Only you know the numbers, I don’t know them. Even the numbers on the thousand benches I knew thanks to the press. They are all good games to play, which worry a coach. Because you don’t have to motivate, you don’t have to be careful with more or less concentrated players. They are nice to play and to prepare. There are no such problems. When there is a derby, people think 100% of the match, it’s a good match to play and prepare for. From my team I expect you to play to win, we know that we can’t always do it because there is a team tomorrow that has the same ambitions as us, but I want the same attitude and if we don’t win I would like to leave the field with the feeling that we have. given everything “.

Is this the most difficult challenge of your career here at Roma?
“It is undoubtedly a different challenge, I have spoken with the manager and the owner and we know what we want to do. I have already had other teams with some doubts and here at Roma there are no doubts and it is not the most difficult challenge like this “.

Zeman said that the derby “is a match like any other”, while Garcia “the derby is not played, you win”: does he have his own motto for this special match?
“No, I respect Zeman and Garcia and their sentences, but I don’t comment on their words on the derby. I think it is more important to play, what you say before the game… the words are blown away by the wind. Why say this or do this? This is what experience tells me, tomorrow is the day of truth. Today I am here out of respect for you, for the people who read you, but the words are words of circumstance, everything is decided tomorrow on the pitch ”.

The expulsion of Pellegrini?
“It would be easy to talk about him in these circumstances, this match began in the 90th minute of the match against Udinese because having Pellegrini is one thing, not having him is another. You have touched on several points and we can analyze everything that represents for us, from the technical point of view and from the point of view of leadership and being our captain. Pellegrini is not there and I think your question wants to arrive at an indication of formation, but I will not tell you anything, I will not comment anything because I will not say how I will want to play and who to put in his place “.

How are you experiencing the approach to the derby?
“In these days I have seen how the fans have been close to the team after last Sunday’s defeat, the empathy is there but sometimes it is artificial because it goes away with a negative result. We lost in Verona, playing badly, but before Roma-Udinese all the way to the stadium, the fans cheered us on as well as during the match and you feel empathy. The fans deserve everything from us and the boys deserve everything from the fans, the boys give everything on the pitch whether they play well or play badly. At 100%, the fans will see a team that will play it with professionalism and passion ”.

What do you remember about Lazio-Inter 0-2 in 2010? From there did you understand how great the rivalry between Lazio and Rome is?
“I have been here for a few months and I have to understand some dynamics in more detail, I have to be more inside to understand everything. Rivalry is 100% beautiful, if I coach Real Madrid the fans don’t want Barcelona as champions, in Portugal Benfica don’t want Porto to win. This is the beautiful rivalry and I love playing the derby so much, it is a privilege to play a new derby and to be richer after this experience. Beyond the meaning, I want the team to have more ambition to win the derby, it’s not the only goal of the season. Lazio-Inter? I remember we won 2-0 and I remember the lack of support from the Biancocelesti fans towards the team, but Inter won that match like others in that season ”.

He’s arguing less than in the past …
“Give me a reason to do it. The only reason I was about to do it was for the expulsion of Pellegrini. But what would I have achieved? He would have sent me away too (referring to the referee Rapuano, ed) and tomorrow I wouldn’t have been on the bench. I was more lucid and cold, but it’s not like I have to go and try to argue with people. I respect people, Rapuano did a *** because he’s young, he’ll get better “.

Why is he almost always using the same players? What do the second lines have to do to earn their place?
“I’m not going to argue with you (laughs, ed), if I play 20 players, then one day I change and another change, the question would be the same? Wouldn’t you ask me why I change so much? There is always this, some people go towards a stability, where there is still no fatigue or physical limits, they aim for stability, then maybe the time will come to make turnover. Mine is an obvious option, I aim for stability. People who are not playing is a lot she is very young and she needs time and she is not very prepared to join the team directly, she needs more stability. It’s a normal process. “

How will Roma play?
“It depends on the game, we have to respect a quality team and an offensive way of playing the game, in that case you have to defend. To win tomorrow you need a complete match because Lazio is a quality team “.

After the press conference, Mourinho takes the floor with a thought addressed to Zalewski, who has lost his father in the past few hours:

“I would like to say that it is a difficult time for the Zalewski family, we are all with him and we will see tomorrow if he will be with us, it is important that he is the one who decides. He has to start living in a new world without a father, I would like him with me but he decides. You didn’t ask me about Vina, I think she will be there ”.

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